Coding Manager Skills and Abilities

Updated on: July 19, 2022

Skills, also known as competencies refer to something that you have learned to do over a period of time.

Without skills, an employer will be less interested in hiring you.

While some companies do hire unskilled people so that they can teach them to work according to the rules of the organization, this is usually done for entry-level jobs.

If you are applying for a job where extensive experience is required, chances are that you will need to be exceptionally skilled as well.

When you write your resume, make sure that you put in a dedicated skills section to impress the employer.

What will you put in it?

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Ability to work well in a team environment
  • Exceptional planning and organizational competencies
  • Effective interpersonal skills

But these are all soft skills. In addition to these skills, you will need hard skills that will tell an employer how well you can outperform in the coding manager role. 

Here is how you can write skills statements for a coding manager resume:

Coding Manager Skills and Abilities for Resume

• Track record of effectively developing and maintaining an organized structure to maximize the efficacy of coding functions.

• Highly experienced in overseeing and managing all functions of the coding department, placing special focus on compliance with standards.

• Skilled in investigating and acting to resolve outstanding accounts by performing quick and efficient follow-ups.

• Deeply familiar with computing, analyzing, and presenting reports to provide information on improvement initiatives.

• Hands-on experience in monitoring, measuring, and improving compliance with policies and procedures, and standard industry practices.

• Highly effective in identifying mitigation strategies and taking proactive approaches to resolve discrepancies and issues.

• Proficient in measuring and managing departmental quality metrics to ensure that all staff members’ and clients’ requirements are met.

• Adept at teaching and mentoring coders to perform ideally and with precision when handling EMR systems.

• Deep comprehension of ICD-10-CM and CPT coding, along with a deep insight into using medical terminology to post medical records.

• Exceptionally talented in deciphering problems and inaccuracies within punched-in data, and immediately handling them so that they don’t impact data usage.