Chargeback Analyst Resume Sample

A chargeback analyst’s resume should be utterly extraordinary since their work cannot be considered “regular.”

It should highlight one’s ability to determine where and how fraudulent activities have taken place and how they can be handled properly.

Since chargeback analysts usually work for companies that provide credit card services such as banks, they need to be knowledgeable of financial norms.

The trick to writing a good resume for the position of a chargeback analyst is to highlight your analytic abilities in finding out the origins of fraud and resolving issues in accordance to the company’s policies and local laws.

Here is a resume sample for a chargeback analyst’s position that you can take ideas from.


Chargeback Analyst Resume Example



Juniper Jordan

378 Mahopac Drive ● Bear, DE 33442 ● (000) 999-8547 ● juniper @ email . com


Vigilant and insightful individual Chargeback Analyst with a strong background in customer complaint evaluation and validity along with solid knowledge of handling reviews of purchases and receipts. Hands-on experience in preventing fraudulent activities by putting in place core anti-fraud initiatives.

• Minimized fraud loss and chargeback rates by employing active detection and prevention methods.
• Able to decipher actual claims from fake ones by using exceptional analytic skills.
• Comprehensive knowledge of financial norms and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.
• Well versed in chargeback processing techniques and incorporating alternative solutions to chargeback issues.


– Transaction Authentication – Chargeback Resolution – Risks Monitoring
– Disputes Evaluation – Merchant Training – Fraud Investigation

• Introduced a fraud detection system that worked on the basis of original client information and that provided at card charge time which decreased fraudulent activities by 51%.
• Streamlined the chargeback investigation process by implementing standard operation procedures (SOPs).
• Increased chances of detecting fraud by 33% by providing intense training to investigative staff.
• Trained 36 members of the anti-fraud team to work with First Data System and STAR thereby increasing their ability to investigate fraud claims.


Affiliates Management Company, Bear, DE | 8/2013 to Present
Chargeback Analyst
• Confer with clients to determine their complaints regarding unauthorized credit card transactions.
• Monitor high alert accounts to identify possible fraudulent activities and suspected transactions.
• Use automated or other systems to verify clients and verify received information.
• Contest chargeback claims when viable economically and monitor claims recovery.
• Lead team of chargeback agents by guiding them through processes to determine fraudulent activities in clients’ accounts.
• Work with clients to collect and document information that may be used in resolving outstanding disputes.
• Prepare periodic chargeback management reports and follow up on payments that may need to be made to clients.
• Ensure that all chargeback activities are handled following statutory requirements.

Merchant Solutions, Bear, DE | 1/2009 to 8/2013
Chargeback Representative
• Took complaints regarding online or real-time credit card frauds.
• Investigated into fraud claims by performing relevant research of accounts and timelines.
• Collected information to assist in performing detailed research to determine if fraud claim is valid.
• Created payback or refund sheets and coordinate efforts with accounts personnel to ensure that they are paid back on time.
• Prepared reports on each request.

ABC COLLEGE, Bear, DE | 2008
BS, Accounting & Finance

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