Fraud Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Updated: January 11, 2022

In order to make sure that your cover letter is the best one that a hiring manager has seen, you should create a cover letter that tells the hiring manager a lot about you, without getting bored.

What can you possibly write in your cover letter to make it the best that the hiring manager has read?

Well, it is easy if you are aware of what your own qualities are.

After a thorough self-analysis, you can easily write a cover letter that shows the reader that there is no one better to hire at a fraud analyst position because you have all the qualities that he or she will need in an employee.

Here is an example for you to get ideas from:

Fraud Analyst Cover Letter Example

Ian Cooper
(000) 111-1111
cooper @ email . com

January 11, 2022

Mr. Harrison Fisher
Human Resource Manager
Bed, Bath, and Beyond
109 Night Beach Road
San Antonio, TX 29473

Dear Mr. Fisher:

I am interested in obtaining employment as a fraud analyst at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Strong fraud analysis skills and a passion to make a difference make me an excellent candidate. Having worked in a similar capacity for 6 years now, I am positive that I have all the qualities that you are looking for in a person at this position. 

Over the years that I have worked as a fraud analyst, I have been actively monitoring customer and transactional records, aiming to identify unauthorized transactions and fraudulent accounts. The fact that I understand the work perfectly, has led me to create, develop, and implement core fraud and loss prevention strategies, which have been deemed highly successful by the management. My strong communication skills and the ability to analyze potentially hazardous situations have made it possible for me to prevent loss from taking place since I can usually evaluate situations before they convert into crises.

I am competent at:

  • Designing fraud rules in line with defined roadmap and risk appetite
  • Performing fraud related investigations
  • Identifying fraud related patterns
  • Keeping current on various fraud trends

I will be happy to give you a more profound view of my capabilities in the role of a fraud analyst. I will contact you soon to discuss this further. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Ian Cooper
(000) 111-1111

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