Top 20 Sample Skills for a Business Analyst Resume

Updated September 15, 2020
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A business analyst ensures the operational effectiveness of business by employing a range of duties entrusted to him.

Typically, business analysts design and implement workflow procedures and make necessary recommendations to ensure that these procedures are adequate. They track and document business trends to make sure that the recommendations that they provide have a positive impact on the company.

Some skills that you will need to be eligible for this position are listed below. You may use these skills statements to build a business analyst resume.

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Top 20 Business Analyst Resume Skills Examples

  1. Proven success in business analysis and reporting activities.
  2. Substantial knowledge of handling business planning and managing related activities.
  3. Exceptional communication and presentation skills aimed at providing members with project goals and objectives.
  4. Excellent background in relationship building.
  5. An influential person who has exceptional leadership and team-building skills.
  6. Strong problem solving and decision-making skills targeted at handling core project decisions such as timelines and strategic planning.
  7. Conceptual modeling skills aimed at defining solution scopes.
  8. Proficiency in preparing business analysis plans and related documentation.
  9. Exceptional managerial skills, aspiring to handle multiple teams towards one common project goal.
  10. Excellent negotiation and persuasion skills to create and maintain important liaison between different types of project members.
  11. Knowledge of project budget and planning activities.
  12. Experience with strategy rollout support and change management directives.
  13. Detail orientation along with a keen ability to show initiative towards the fruition of projects.
  14. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills aimed at working well with all members of the project.
  15. Ability to manage many priorities and projects at the same time intending to bring them all to timely completion.
  16. Exceptional research and market trend knowledge targeted at handling competition effectively.
  17. Track record of defining high-quality business requirements.
  18. Familiar with developing tests and project plans.
  19. Strong background in project budget management.
  20. Able to work for long periods of time.

Additional Information

Project management, business analysis, IT management, reporting, and quality assurance are a business analyst’s prime areas of work.

They define a project’s scope and objectives, assist project members in developing both tactical and strategic plans to meet targets, and ensure that the end project passes all quality assurance assessments.

They also make sure that member training needs are met on any given project and that each project environment thrives on positivity.

Business analysts need to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in business to be able to apply for this position.

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