Business Systems Analyst Resume Sample

Updated June 14, 2021
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The purpose of a business analyst’s resume is not to get you a job. In fact. its purpose is to get you to the interview stage so that you can convince the employer that you are right for the job.

In your resume, mentioning your background and experience is necessary if you want to succeed in today’s world.

As a personal introduction to a potential employer, the resume has to convey a lasting impression and this is only possible if you successfully answer these three questions:

• Where am I sending it?
• Who will receive it?
• How will it be read and reviewed?

The anatomy of a well-written resume for a business analyst position borders on being concise, logically organized, and attractive. Something like the resume sample provided below:

Sample Resume for Business Systems Analyst Position

Amelia Hart
10 Valley View Drive
Westminster, CO 82828 
(999) 999-9999 
amehart @ email . com


Performance Profile/Performance Summary
• Passionate Business Systems Analyst with 16+ years of hands-on experience in determining operational objectives by effectively studying business functions.
• Focused on improving systems through studying current practices and designing appropriate modifications.
• Excellent skills in identifying business systems problems and recommending controls to address them effectively.
• Demonstrated expertise in monitoring project progress by performing activity tracking duties.
• Unmatched ability to maintain system protocols by writing and updating system procedures.
• Highly experienced in preparing technical reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and technology trends.

• Software Development Processes
• Information Analysis
• System Requirements Analysis
• Product Development
• System Designing
• Model Building
• Specification Development
• Process Improvements
• Performance Validation


Business Systems Analyst
KENWORTH, Westminster, CO
Apr 2013 – Present
• Maintain the integrity and functionality of business unit systems by effectively performing both system and database management.
• Analyze and troubleshoot software and hardware issues in a bid to keep systems operational.
• Develop recommendations and coordinate issue resolution with IT professionals and external service providers.
• Monitor systems performance and recommend solutions to problems.
• Maintain systems configurations, documentation, and procedures and track project progress, and provide support to impacted participants.
• Communicate with department members to provide them with information regarding new system functionality.
• Plan, prioritize and deliver system enhancements and provide support to upgraded systems.
• Ensure the availability of metrics, reporting, and analysis of tools for developed systems.
Selected Accomplishments
• Improved business system efficiency by 50% by modifying existing systems to meet changing requirements.
• Introduced Hot Air, a performance validation service that decreased the performance corroboration time by 15%.
• Trained newly hired systems analysts in leading software requirements analysis procedures.
• Built a core business model, thereby decreasing the time taken to build specific business systems models by 30%.

Business Analyst
MODA HEALTH, Westminster, CO 
May 2006 – Apr 2013
• Developed, coordinated, and implemented projects by following established project management methodologies
• Collaborated with customers and IT professionals to define business requirements and project scopes
• Participated in system integration testing in a bid to facilitate prompt problem resolution
• Executed implementation of system modifications and conversion plans
• Provided problem resolution analysis and support to users and maintained standardized reports for reference purposes

Master’s Degree in Computer Science