Computer Systems Analyst Resume Sample

Updated on: September 6, 2018

A computers systems analyst works to achieve a company’s goals by using information technology tactics. They fine-tune existing systems by employing knowledge derived from their education in order to coordinate the smooth working of a company.

Computer systems analysts are required to develop hardware and software systems that would benefit a company’s tasks in the real time. For example, an analyst designs and implements a system to manage a company’s inventory system.

The following resume sample gives you a good understanding of how a resume for this position needs to be written keeping in mind relevant skills and experience.


Computer Systems Analyst Resume Example


Corry Kurt
499 Rudo Road, Orofino, ID 93933
(999) 209-9999, Email


12+ years of dedicated experience providing senior level support to LANs and WANs, troubleshooting and upgrading existing operational environments, and providing support to peripherals. Ability to manage the evaluation of networking technologies.

• Network operating systems and associated hardware
• WAN devices and LanDesk
• Active Directory
• Exchange
• Customer Service
• Multitasking

• Presented a seminar and associated workshops akin to integrated computer systems development
• Fixed 92 bugs in company software and provided the company with an error-free system


Core Tech – Orfino, ID
Computer Systems Analyst | 2009 – present
• Designed, developed and tested existing computer systems
• Troubleshoot existing system and introduced a new system for smooth working
• Provided technical support and planning base for crucial projects
• Documented new and updated existing technical specifications

T-Rex – Orfino, ID
Junior Systems Analyst | 2006 – 2009
• Monitored system and network devices for optimum workflow
• Utilized network management tools to perform corrective actions
• Reported failures in a timely manner
• Provided technical support for the company
• Developed new systems and troubleshot existing ones

Idaho State University – Orfino, ID
Master of Computer Sciences – 2005