Para-transit Driver Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 12, 2021
Position Overview

Para-transit drivers generally work for transportation companies by picking and dropping special needs clients on a predetermined route in company-issued vehicles.

Although Class C CDL holders with passenger endorsements are preferred for the job however CDL is not mandatory for the position.

The candidates must be minimum of 21 years of age, having a regular driver’s license with a clean driving record.

Refer to the following job duties and responsibilities of a paratransit driver to build a resume.

Para-transit Driver Job Description, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

• Provide door to door pick and drop to clients in a company-issued vehicle in a responsible and courteous manner
• Follow the scheduled route on daily basis with punctuality
• Conduct pre and post-trip vehicle inspections and maintain logs for the same
• Set appropriate destination boards and route signs before every trip
• Operate various kinds of vehicles following printed operator schedules irrespective of weather conditions or route timings
• Use company installed communication system to communicate any mechanical problem, road blockage of weather condition barriers faced
• Reach the dispatch office in neat and clean uniform on time, sign in, collect and follow the days’ schedule
• Operate wheelchair lifts and mobility scooters expertly to facilitate clients in boarding and un-boarding the vehicle
• Carry the guests’ baggage into and out of the vehicle in a respectful and courteous manner
• Follow cash fare collection procedures to book and collect payments from clients
• Report any accident, incident, or unusual occurrence to the dispatch office immediately through the radio communication system and submit a written report of the same at sign out time
• Carryout daily duties including passenger assistance, ensuring their entry and exit safely, and operating wheelchair lifts with proper safety restraints in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Courteously answer client queries and provide them with transit route, fare, and schedule details
• Plan and evaluate route detours in coordination with dispatch office in case of unexpected road blockage or emergencies
• Demonstrate excellent and safe driving skills in a customer service-oriented manner
• Open and close doors for guests and take out their luggage from the vehicle boot carefully
• Comply with traffic regulations and maintain prescribed speed while driving
• Take a meter reading for each trip and keep a record of mileage covered and fuel refills made
• Maneuver manual ramps for moving wheelchairs up and down for guest transportation
• Communicate effectively with guests and cater for their special needs while demonstrating empathy and compassion
• Perform regular safety checks on all equipment installed in the vehicle
• Maintain, support, and promote a safe traveling environment for the guests while catering to their special needs
• Maintain updated information of common routes in the assigned locality
• Immediately report any signs of malfunctioning noticed in the vehicle while driving to dispatch office