Loadmaster Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 13, 2022

A loadmaster cover letter is a professional job application document that accompanies your resume and other job application documents. 

It contains information about your qualifications and shows how you can use your qualifications to contribute to the prospective airline.

Here is a sample cover letter to help you in this regard:

Sample Cover Letter for Loadmaster Position

Franklin Tote
252 West 6th Street
Chicago, IL 81020
(000) 207-8573

June 11, 2021

Mr. Stephen Torres
Manager Human Resource
Chicago Airport
32 S Racine Avenue
Chicago, IL 88552

Dear Mr. Torres:

Your ad for a Loadmaster and cargo handler position leads me to believe you seek a person with my ability to handle multiple tasks while meeting high-quality standards of loading and unloading.

My career direction has always been very clear. The hustle-bustle of airports gives me great energy – a kick that I need to perform my job well. Instead of the obvious path of working as a flight attendant, I chose to work as a loadmaster because of my passion.

As part of your team, you will find out that I have an unmatched ability to direct ground crews in loading and unloading cargo with special attention to space maximization during cargo distribution. These talents helped me earn the title of “perfectionist” which has been a great force in encouraging me to be even more meticulous.

At my previous workplace, I was responsible for introducing Safe Inflight Cargo Management, which reduced the chances of terrorism-associated incidents, concerning the inflight baggage area. Going the extra mile is my forte. And I would like to provide you with this benefit as well.

Please contact me at (000) 207-8573 if you are interested in knowing more about me, although I do intend to call you next Monday to set up an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Franklin Tote
(000) 207-8573

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