New Graduate Pilot Resume Sample

Updated September 8, 2018

Position Overview

Pilots usually work at commercial airlines where their core work is to transport passengers from one destination to another in a safe and timely manner. Pilots are trained professionals who have gone through rigorous training procedures and flight simulations before they are entrusted with a plane to fly.

Pilots do not just fly planes; they are also expected to perform preflight inspections to ensure that all is well with the aircraft and manage post-flight duties which may include arranging for maintenance and securing the aircraft.

If you are a new graduate who is looking for a resume sample that can help you apply for a pilot position, you may use the following example.


New Graduate Pilot Resume Sample


Gregg Wilson

290 Clifton Place, Brooklyn, NY 22014
(000) 999-9999
gregg @ email . com

Looking for a position as a Pilot with Air USA using the ability to fly aircraft in a safe and time efficient manner along with knowledge of a multitude of air routes around the world.

• Commercial MEL and CEL certification
• Functional knowledge of planning, conducting and directing flight test programs
• Competent at performing preflight inspections and post-flight maintenance procedures
• Hands on experience in providing excellence in passenger customer services en route to destinations
• Conversant with studying weather patterns of departure area, destinations, and flight routes


AMERICAN AIRLINES – Brooklyn, NY | May 2015 – Present

• Fly planes on schedule and provide customer services to boarded passengers
• Ensure preflight inspections are performed in an immaculate manner
• Make sure post-flight maintenance is performed
• Study weather conditions and make decisions to fly or detain the flight
• Ensure cleanliness of the aircraft
• Manage emergency situations appropriately
• Calculate aircraft weight and balance and ensure appropriate fueling

Test Pilot
AAA ACADEMY – Brooklyn, NY | Jan 2015 – May 2015

• Planned and conducted test activities on flights
• Formulated test procedures and conducted appropriate flight tests
• Assisted in identifying design and operational deficiencies
• Made recommendations for managing deficiencies

Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Piloting

• Ability to work within deadlines and on schedules
• Excellent attention to detail
• Exceptional customer orientation and communication skills
• Well-honed ability to prioritize tasks
• Strong interpersonal skills