Air Cargo Handler Resume Sample and Guidance

Updated on: April 26, 2021

An Air Cargo Handler Resume is an important document that is required to apply for a job. The following guidelines and a sample resume will help you in crafting an excellent resume.

How to Write a Professional Resume for Air Cargo Handler Position?

Your resume for an air cargo handler position should effectively highlight your experience in handling cargo at airports. Skills in providing excellent customer service should also be mentioned in your resume.

Moreover, you must focus on what you know about air cargo handling in terms of transferring cargo to and from aircraft, and directing ground crew in handling and securing cargo properly.

At the time of writing your air cargo handler resume, make sure that you focus on your knowledge of determining the quantity and orientation of cargo.

In addition, you must emphasize your ability to calculate load weights, and ensure that related issues are properly resolved.

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Air Cargo Handler Resume Example

Debbie Grant
212 Shore Road, Hot Springs, AR21997
(000) 102-2578

Passenger service-oriented individual, with excellent knowledge of handling cargo in airports. Unmatched ability to ensure efficient movement of cargo to and from aircraft. Highly skilled in following all set rules and regulations for cargo movement. “Can Do” attitude with the ability to follow and execute instructions precisely.

• Loading and Unloading
• Ramp Oversight
• Load Calculation
• In-flight Cargo Management
• Equipment Operation
• Passenger Briefing
• Customer Services
• Baggage Safety
• Dock Employee Training
• Warehouse Setup
• Conveyor Belt Management
• Fragile / Hazardous Cargo Handling

• Successfully handled a large fragile shipment, without a single damage incident
• Introduced a series of baggage safety instructions, previously unknown to the crew
• Implemented an employee training module, as a result, increased knowledge of handling fragile cargo


Air Cargo Handler
Pen Air, Hot Springs, AR
2015 – Present
• Load and unload cargo to and from aircrafts
• Oversee the work of the ground crew to ensure proper movement of cargo
• Determine the right quantities and orientation of assigned cargo hauls
• Perform pre-flight and post-flight cargo hold checks
• Communicate any irregularities in cargo to the supervisor
• Calculate load weights for different compartments of the aircraft
• Place cargo and baggage on conveyor belts in a safe manner
• Assist passengers in locating their bags and boxes
• Provide passengers with information on handling their bags properly and safely
• Operate equipment such as forklifts and baggage tugs

Airport Helper
Air America, Hot Springs, AR
• Assisted passengers in hauling their baggage between airport destinations
• Supported baggage handling procedures
• Recorded correct weights of all assigned cargo
• Properly parked trolleys in their designated areas

High School Diploma
Hot Springs High School, Hot Springs, AR – 2005

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