Stewardess Resume Example

Updated on: June 8, 2021

Miles up in the air or the middle of the deep seas, passengers have little support other than that of a stewardess.

So if you are a hiring manager of an airline or a cruise company, you will want to hire a stewardess who fits the bill entirely.

Looking through resumes will be a challenging job for hiring managers.

They would want to pick up the ones that they believe will fit the image of their company.

Therefore, make sure that your resume is on par with what the employer is looking for.

Here is a resume example for a stewardess position:

Sample Resume for Stewardess Position

Tanya Stark
3003 Lazy Acres Drive, Columbia, SC 73821
(000) 454-2122
tanya.stark @ email . com


Customer-service-oriented, hardworking individual with four years’ hands-on experience in providing exceptional onboard services. Well-versed in handling both preflight and post-flight checks to ensure constant crew and passenger safety.

• Focused on providing exceptional onboard services, including catering and emotional support.
• Adept at demonstrating safety equipment and information to passengers before takeoff.
• Competent at meeting the needs of individual passengers such as the elderly, children, and the disabled.

• Saved all passengers in the cabin from getting hurt during a terrible turbulence period by providing them with assistance in how to secure themselves.
• Successfully evacuated all passengers from the aircraft following an incident involving one of the engines catching fire.
• Decreased supplies cost by $5000 per month by suggesting the purchase of non-perishable items in bulk.
• Trained 37 newly inducted stewards and stewardess through 18 training modules.


Thomas Cook, Columbia, SC
(6/2013 to Present)
• Greet passengers as they embark on the aircraft and verify the information in their tickets.
• Assist passengers in finding their seats and leading them to the correct ones.
• Ensure that passengers are properly seated and belted in.
• Provide pillows and blankets when asked to ensure passenger safety at all times.
• Prepare a catering cart by loading it with food packs and beverages.
• Offer food and drink to passengers at scheduled times during the flight.
• Respond to requests for refills and ensure that any alcoholic beverages are only served in limited amounts.
• Demonstrate safety measures to passengers and ensure that they are aware of the use of safety equipment.
• Comfort passengers who may be upset due to it being their first flight or because of turbulence issues.
• Assist children traveling alone and elderly and disabled passengers throughout the flight.
• Provide comfort during distressing situations such as turbulence and aircraft issues.
• Administer CPR and First Aid to passengers and crew members during emergency situations.
• Assist passengers in disembarking the aircraft in a safe manner
• Ensure that food and beverage supplies inventory is continuously maintained.

Crew Member
The Cruise, Columbia, SC
(11/2011 to 5/2013)
• Assisted passengers in embarking and disembarking from the cruise ship.
• Showed passengers to their cabins and ensure that they are settled in comfortably.
• Performed housekeeping tasks such as dusting and vacuuming.
• Changed bed linen and ensured that soiled bedclothes are delivered to the laundry area.
• Served meals according to passengers’ specific instructions.
• Ensured the safety and wellbeing of passengers during difficult situations including storms and high waves.

High School Diploma
CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL, Columbia, SC – 2010

• Communication
• Emergency Handling
• Safety Procedures
• Inventory Control
• Cabin Maintenance
• Safety Equipment Usage
• First Aid
• Customer Service
• Supplies Maintenance
• Luggage Security
• Reporting
• Special Needs Assistance

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