Stewardesses work in hotels, hospitality organizations, commercial airlines and cruises where their work largely involves serving refreshments, maintaining orderly appearance, housekeeping and cleaning, and guest/passenger care and safety. They are required to provide guests with hospitality services akin to seating, providing safety instructions and managing details like food serving for them.

Being a stewardess is the epitome of customer services as this position is entirely focused on the comfort of guests/passengers. Some formal training may be required in order to be able to manage this work efficiently and most companies offer courses before they actually hire personnel in this regard. If you are an already qualified stewardess (or even an entry level first timer), the following resume objectives will help you in write an effective resume when applying for a job in this regard:


General Stewardess Resume Objective Examples

• A Stewardess position at the Hilton Suites utilizing expertise in delivering outstanding guest service with the intention of maximizing financial profitability

• To work for Omni Hotels as a Stewardess making the most of excellent communication skills, demonstrated cleaning abilities and a strong attention to detail

Airline / Cruise Ship Stewardess Resume Objectives

• Seeking a Stewardess position with the Santa Fe Cruises where I may be able to apply my skills in passenger hospitality to provide passengers with excellence in services

• Looking for a Stewardess position with the Delta Airlines utilizing training and experience in passengers’ safety and hospitality

• Looking for a Stewardess position at Costa Cruise. Offering extensive knowledge of cabin safety procedures along with a profound ability to provide the best of passenger care

• To obtain a position of Stewardess with Air Alpha where I can utilize my knowledge of passenger care and violence prevention training in order to provide passengers with the best in flying experiences

• To work as a Stewardess for Beta Air using extensive formal stewardess training along with an inborn ability to serve and provide passengers with a “never to forget” flying experience