School Health Aide Skills for Resume

Updated on: April 27, 2022

There is no denying the fact that school health aides have to be skilled to be eligible.

A major part of a school’s reputation depends on how well it takes care of its students. And school health aides play a major part in this. Hence, a skilled individual is always required and preferred.

When you apply for this position, make sure that you write perfectly-researched skills statements in your resume.

It is a good thing that you can write quite a lot in this section – the more information that you provide, the better your chances of being considered for a school health aide position.

One thing that you must focus on is the content of each skills statement.

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Mentioning that you are capable of taking and recording vitals is all very well, but unless you can write a statement to suggest that you are the best, your candidature will not be taken seriously.

School Health Aide Skills for Resume

• Expert in providing basic health care and First Aid to students.

• Highly skilled in handling emergencies, such as on-campus injuries by proactively providing immediate care.

• Able to use professional assessment skills in order to diagnose illnesses.

• Knowledge of serving as a health advocate for students.

• Good know-how in coordinating management systems to administer medication.

• Hands-on experience in providing one on one care using triage skills, basic care, and established school protocols.

• Well-versed in recording and filing health information and records in a correct manner.

• Competent in assisting with screening processes for problems such as vision and hearing.

• Qualified to interview students to determine students, and take and record vitals accurately.

• In-depth knowledge of controlling communicable diseases through the implementation of prevention methods.

• Ability to administer oral, inhaled, and injectable medication as per school and healthcare policies.

• Proven ability to channel requests for health-related information.

• Solid track record of effectively documenting results of screening and designated health information.

• Highly experienced in maintaining a current confidential list of students with health conditions.

• Expert in assisting students and parents in understanding and coping with students’ limitations or conditions.

• Unmatched ability to support district and school-based wellness initiatives.

• Effectively able to keep a track of medical supplies inventory, and maintain effective relationships with vendors.

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