Health Care Assistant Skills for Resume

Updated on: August 23, 2019

For a health care assistant position, skills are an absolute must. Therefore, wen writing a Health Care Assistant resume, make sure that you have a list of skills in front of you.


A Health Care Assistant resume must host a skills section so that the hiring manager can gauge what you have to offer in terms of patient care and rehabilitation.

As far as skills for a Health Care Assistant position is concerned, one has to offer knowledge of patient care in different settings.

Since you may be asked to work in a hospital or another facility, you must know what it is to work in such an environment.

Specifically, mention your ability to assist residents or clients with grooming, toileting, and bathing activities.


Also, you must ensure that you offer information about your ability to provide emotional and physical care to assigned patients. Handling emergencies by employing First Aid and CPR is also an area that you need to be exceptional at.

To see what you can write in the skills section of a Health Care Assistant resume, take a look at the following statements:


Health Care Assistant Skills for Resume

• Hands-on experience in determining patients’ specific personalities, by engaging them in conversation

• Effectively able to assist medical care teams in developing and implementing care plans

• Skilled in providing assistance with personal tasks such as bathing and toileting

• Unmatched ability to administer medication in accordance with set treatment plans

• Deeply familiar with monitoring and supervising assigned patients in order to ensure their wellbeing

• Talented in ensuring patients’ physical safety, by making sure that their environment is safe and secure

• Experienced in providing active engagement in homes, and community through the use of different techniques

• Well-versed in implementing and documenting each patient’s progress in accordance with set metrics

• Adept at preparing nutritious meals for patients, in accordance with their specific meal programs

• Proficient in supervising, and providing training to patients in self-care and hygiene

• Proven ability to supervise and facilitate recreational and leisure time

• Competent in accompanying patients to doctors’ appointments, and for recreational and community engagements

• Qualified to observe and note changes in assigned patients’ conditions, and raise alarms when necessary

• Expert in creating and maintaining patients’ charts with information such as intake and output

• Solid track record of planning and facilitating activities such as games and projects

• Able to professionally communicate with patients’ family members in order to provide them with feedback

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