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Updated on June 18, 2019

The reason that personal care resumes are considered so cumbersome to write is the fact that there is so much to contend with.

Each well-written PCA resume has at least five sections. And each part requires a great deal of work to make it informational.


Hence, so many candidates shy away from writing resumes themselves and seek outside help.

However, it is easy to write a perfect resume if you begin correctly.

The resume objective marks the beginning of a resume and sets the trail that the candidate will follow when preparing the rest of it.

Therefore, it is the Personal care resume objective that needs to be looked into before everything else. A resume objective must be written following a lot of research.


These 2 or 3 lines may decide your future in a company so you must pay a lot of attention to creating them perfectly.

A PCA resume objective must be specific to the job and the company to which you are applying. Generic objectives seldom work.

Make sure that you write the name of the company, along with the specific role that you hope to fulfill when you become part of it.

A resume objective can be useful to focus on the position of Personal Care Assistant.

Keep it simple, direct, and mainly targeted to the PCA position. Short, to the point and engaging the objective statement will increase your credibility.

Here are a few examples of resume objectives for a personal care assistant position:

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Sample Objectives for PCA Resume

• Looking for a position as a Personal Care Assistant at Memorial Hermann utilizing six years’ hands-on experience in providing both direct and indirect patient care. Eager to uphold patient care standards in a fast-paced environment.

• Seeking a Personal Care Assistant position at Bon Health Systems, using expertise in providing direct patient care by following designated healthcare plans.

• Desire a Personal Care Assistant position at Dupont Regional Medical Center. Offers a successful track record of assisting patients with toileting, grooming, and washing, along with ensuring the general well-being and comfort of assigned patients.

• To work as a PCA for Sava Health Services. Bringing proficiency in administering medication and starting IVs along with ensuring patient well-being through the delivery of exceptional personal services.

• To obtain a position as a PCA at The Margret Health Services using + years’ verifiable track record of providing health care assistance and personal hygiene services. Exceptionally well-versed in assisting patients with ambulation by encouraging them to take part in physical activities.

• Looking for a Personal Care Assistant position at Hoag Memorial Hospital, utilizing abilities in anticipating patients’ specific needs and ensuring that they are met by following set facility rules and protocols.

• Seeking a position as a Personal Care Assistant at Indiana Health. Eager to bring expertise in assisting patients with personal care activities such as bathing, skin care, dressing, and grooming.

• A position as a Personal Care Associate where I can utilize my CNA education and training, compassionate nature and interpersonal skills to provide the highest level of care.

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