Activity Assistant Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: July 8, 2020

You cannot do justice to an Activity Assistant resume if you do not put in the effort that it requires. 

Writing a resume is not an easy thing, which is why you have to make sure that you write it in a proper manner.

The following example will guide you in this regard.

Sample Resume for Activity Assistant

Gavin Hall
108 W Center Street, Fountain Green, UT 13682
(000) 524-6365
gavinhall @ email . com


Activity assistant with over 7 years of experience in planning, developing, organizing, and implementing activity programs for assigned facilities. Highly skilled in following set resident care plans in providing daily activities for assigned residents.

• Able to participate in community planning aiming to meet the interests and needs of residents and their families.
• Competent in creating and upholding an atmosphere of warmth, patience, and enthusiasm, and a cheerful environment.
• Deep familiarity with assisting and working with individual volunteer programs at the request of activity managers.
• Familiar with conducting activity programs as planned, to meet the functional levels, needs, and interests of each patient.


  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Program Management
  3. Care Plans Assistance
  4. Calendar Development 
  5. Hobbies Identification 
  6. Strategies Development
  7. Therapeutic Techniques

• Successfully implemented a series of core activities programs to meet the individual needs of each resident.
• Strategized a particularly interesting program to meet the needs of residents with special needs
• Implemented a hobby identification system, which helped immensely in strategizing individualized plans.
• Improved the quality of existing activities programs by incorporating a series of well-placed modules.


Activity Assistant
Augustana Care, Fountain Green, UT
7/2012 – Present

• Engage residents in conversation to determine their specific likes and dislikes.
• Strategize ways to engage residents in current activities and ensure that they take interest in them.
• Create and uphold an atmosphere of warmth and enthusiasm and a calm and cheerful environment.
• Greet visitors and provide directions and information to guests and residents.
• Coordinate the efforts of volunteers, to ensure that all activities are in the best interest of residents.
• Create and maintain records of each resident’s participation and involvement in activities and programs.
• Interact with residents, family members, and staff members to ensure that therapeutic activities are properly carried out.

Activity Aide
Sava Senior Care, Fountain Green, UT
2/2009 – 5/2012

• Engaged with residents and their families to determine their specific interests and hobbies.
• Provided feedback to activities managers, aiming to help them comprehend residents’ interests.
• Assisted in developing and implementing strategies to meet the individual needs of each resident.
• Ensured that all residents were kept comfortable throughout each activity.
• Maintained records of all residents in a safe and confidential manner.

High School Diploma
Fountain Green High School, Fountain Green, UT – 2009