Travel Agent Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: October 7, 2019

Applying for a travel agent position for which you don’t have any experience yet? Well, you have come to the right place.

Concentrate on writing a cover letter to convince the prospective employer to give you a chance.


A Travel Agent Cover Letter with No Experience should be written in the way that inform the employer that you are the best out of the pool.

Since a cover letter is all about you as a professional and a person, it should be full of good things about you.

Even though you will be trained as a travel agent once you are hired, it is best to offer information stating that you know about work.

If you have had some exposure to the work in an internship or volunteer role previously, do not be shy in mentioning it.


Want to gain some ideas about writing a travel agent cover letter? Refer to the sample below:


Travel Agent Cover Letter No Experience


Benjamin Franklin
(000) 571-6652
[email protected]

October 7, 2019

Mr. James Harper
Human Resources Manager
Date Travels
97 Main Road
West Chester, PA 90943


Dear Mr. Harper:

While skimming through your website’s career section, I came across an open travel agent position. Luckily, I have recently completed an internship at Fare Travels Inc. where I worked at tier-1. In view of this, I would like to further explore the vacant position.

During the internship, I learned a lot about the various aspects of a travel agency’s work including planning and selling transportations and accommodations to clients. Identifying clients’ traveling needs in accordance with their budgets is just one of my strengths. I am also highly skilled in advising about appropriate destinations, means of city and country transport, and available travel dates.

Some areas that I am well-versed in:

• Arranging tour packages
• Calculating travel costs
• Booking reservations
• Weather and customs advice

Owing to an inherent eagerness to ensure client satisfaction, I always go a long way to assist with issues and queries. Moreover, I possess a pleasant attitude, and can effectively handle complaints according to company protocol. Client retention is my main focus.

It would be a good idea for us to meet in person so that I can give you first-hand information about my suitability. I will call your office to set up an interview date and time soon. Till then, please contact me at (000) 571-6652if needed.




Benjamin Franklin

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