Special Agent Resume Sample

Updated: September 4, 2017


If you are hoping to gain a prospective employer’s attention through your job application documents, you have to make sure that your basic document (the resume) is perfectly written.

Perfect resumes are those that reach out to hiring managers on the level and scale that they (hiring managers) have set.

The following resume sample can be referred to, to obtain ideas on how to do this:



Special Agent Resume Example



Blake Tanner

7998 Hunters Cove, Hot Springs National Park, AR 85855
(000) 785-4512
blta @ email . com


Performance Summary
Highly competent Special Agent with 14-plus-year progressive track record of investigating crimes, by interviewing sources, and conducting well-placed surveillance activities. Proven ability to handle a wide variety of criminal cases, placing required focus on all of them.

Highly experienced in obtaining and verifying evidence by interviewing and observing suspects. Proficient in identifying case issues, based on analysis of charges, complaints or law violation allegations. Effectively leads all cases to fruition, ensuring that required outcomes are met in a timely manner.

Core Competencies

✓ Witness Handling ✓ Evidence Recording ✓ Special Investigations
✓ Risk Management ✓ Court Liaison ✓ Jury Testifying
✓ Court Documents Serving ✓ Crime Scene Investigation ✓ Operational Procedures
✓ Evidence Analysis ✓ Undercover Assignments ✓ Surveillance Maintenance


• Successfully apprehended a criminal with a long history of murders, who was on the run for 10 years.
• Implemented a series of evidence collection systems, which proved to be 85% more efficient than the ones already being used.
• Led 53 special investigations, all of which were brought to fruition within the provided timelines.
• Introduced a mobile surveillance system, resolving the issue of handling witness and suspect bugging while on the go.


Special Agent
RSG Services, Hot Springs National Park, AR | 5/2011 – Present
• Interview suspects and witnesses to derive statements and evidence regarding assigned cases.
• Obtain information regarding crime scenes and criminal records of suspects, with a view to take investigations to next levels.
• Examine records and data to investigate criminal activities’ timelines and motives.
• Identify case issues, based on analysis of charges, complaints and violations.
• Provide insight into investigations of organized crimes, public corruption, financial corruption, and civil rights infringement.
• Record evidence using specialized equipment such as cameras and photocopy machines.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with court officials to obtain search and arrest warrants.
• Write reports regarding the proceedings of each case, and submit them for record purposes.

The Central Investigation Organization, Hot Springs National Park, AR | 2/2003 – 5/2011
• Engaged suspects and witnesses in conversation to determine motives behind committed crimes.
• Collected evidence and analyzed it to derive information regarding crimes.
• Recorded all physical evidence in accordance with provided set of instructions.
• Developed strong relationships with informants to obtain information related to assigned cases.
• Collaborated with other law enforcement authorities to handle surveillance and research work.

Arkansas State University, Hot Springs National Park, AK – 1999
Master’s Degree in Criminal Psychology