Veterinary Technician Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 6, 2017

It is not true that a resume without a cover letter is just as good as one with it. When you send a Veterinary Technician Assistant resume without the cover letter umbrella, there is a lot more than just the resume’s reputation that you are risking.

A cover letter provides valuable information about a job seeker, and should never be ignored, even if you are applying for a 100th job.

Mostly, cover letters are used to provide hiring managers with solid information regarding a job seeker’s qualifications. Do not under any circumstances make your cover letter a document to highlight your experience – the resume is enough for that.

As far as cover letters are concerned, they should only edict information regarding your skills and qualifications. You may put in your accomplishments as well, but that is it. When you present a hiring manager with a cover letter, he or she should be encouraged to read the accompanying resume.

Here is a sample:


Veterinary Technician Assistant Cover Letter Example



532 Valle Dr
Helton, KY 52411

September 6, 2017

Mr. William Nelson
Human Resource Manager
Biscuits and Bath
560 Saylor Branch Road
Helton, KY 60021


Dear Mr. Nelson:

I am passionate about animals, which is why training as a veterinary technician was the obvious career choice for me. But an inherent love for animals is not all that I have to offer to Biscuits and Bath in the role of a vet tech.

With over 2 years of experience in assisting vets care for animal patients, both in a clinical setting and an administrative one, I am positive that hiring me will be a great decision on your part.

Determining requirements for treatment and care by conducting examinations on animal patients, and assisting with and reviewing care plans and records, are areas that I am well-versed in. Furthermore, you will find me to be exceptionally talented in caring for animal patients by taking and recording their vitals, collecting samples, administering medication, and bandaging and wrapping wounds.

Supporting a veterinary doctor’s office by providing assistance in handling its administrative end, such as handling patient registration, maintaining records, and creating and maintaining effective liaison with suppliers, are all areas where my strengths are based.

At the end of next week, I will call you to set a meeting time and date. If you feel that there is any further information that you need to process my job application, please feel free to contact me at (354) 987-5241.



Matt Green

(354) 987-5241