Special Agent Resume Objectives

Updated: September 3, 2017

Beginning your Special Agent resume on the right foot is important to its success. This means that an objective, placed strategically on top of a resume, will go a long way in making it successful in the eyes of a hiring manager.

Why does so much depends on a resume objective?

Well, first impressions are definitely last impressions in this field. If your resume looks good in the first glance, it is considered a “good” resume.

Since objectives are the first things that hiring managers see when they pick up resumes, there is a good chance that this particular part of the document will either leave them in awe of you, or put them off completely.

A Special Agent resume objective is typically a short snippet of your capabilities, as they relate to the organization where you are applying. Applying for a job is no big deal – being considered for it is. If your aim is to bag the job for which you have applied, you have to make your main job application document worth the effort and time that a hiring manager will spend on reviewing your resume. The resume objective will make this easy for you – and for the hiring manager as well.

What follow are some examples of objectives that can be used on a special agent’s resume:


Sample Objectives for Special Agent Resume


• Seeking a Special Agent position at the Federal Bureau of Investigation utilizing over 10 years of dedicated experience in a law enforcement capacities. Exceptionally skilled in investigating high profile criminal cases, focusing on closing all assigned cases on a positive note.

• Looking for a position as a Special Agent at RGS Investigative Services providing benefit of extensive experience in handling difficult investigations. Exceptionally well-versed in handling the various aspects of high profile cases, including witness and suspect interviews, evidence collection, and records management.

• To work for Criminal Investigation Unit as a Special Agent employing extensive comprehension of leading investigations, with a view to resolve cases, and bring criminals to justice. Highly experienced in investigating alleged or suspected criminal violations to determine if evidence if sufficient to recommend prosecution.

• Desire a Special Agent position with Barbaricum. Offering well-placed proficiencies in obtaining facts by interviewing, observing and interrogating suspects and witnesses, and analyzing evidence records.

• To work as a Special Agent at Bridgestone Investigative Services Inc. Bringing ability to identify, monitor and neutralize nefarious activities, to ensure that further threat is minimized. Highly proficient in determining root causes and motives of criminal activities, and ensuring that gathered evidence is analyzed appropriately, aimed at solving complicated criminal cases.