8 Passenger Service Agent Skills for Resume

Updated on: October 4, 2022

It does not matter which industry you are a part of – if you are not skilled, you will not be considered a good choice to hire.

Even if you are a skilled individual, if you do not highlight your skills effectively, your chances of gaining employment are minimum at best.

When you apply for a job, there are two primary documents that you use – the resume and the cover letter. And both these are used to provide insight into your skills as a worker.

Whenever you have to create a resume or a cover letter, pay special attention to what you write in the skills section.

If you have not dedicated a special section to your skills, it is not too late to start now. Showing the hiring manager that you are worth his time and money is important.

Simple experience just doesn’t cut it. Experience coupled with skills does. This is a winning combination that will help you rise amongst other contenders for the same job.

Competition in any area is fierce nowadays. Employers look for the best option that they can get their hands on where employees are considered.

They need to have the best for several reasons – the cost that is involved in hiring and training unskilled employees is high, so the most viable option is to hire trained individuals in the first place.

Here are some ways that you can place skills on your resume:

Checking-in Passengers

Efficiently and effectively performing computerized check-in of passengers for both international and domestic flights. Handling check-ins and boarding work, by paying special attention to passengers’ comfort.

Following Procedures

Follow dedicated procedures to check in passengers at both counter levels and gates.

Weighing Baggage

Checking baggage for weight conformance and offering solutions for excess baggage.

Baggage Handling and Issuing Boarding Passes

Ticketing, baggage handling, tagging, and issuing boarding passes in accordance with airline regulations and directives.

Coordinating Counter Activities

Coordinating counter activities and ensuring that passengers’ luggage reaches the outgoing flight.

Announcing Arrivals and Departures

Announcing arrivals and departures by using public address systems.

Providing Excellent Service

Maintaining a high level of service expectations of passengers through the delivery of excellent services.

Promoting Additional Services

Promoting and selling air travel and additional services in a friendly manner, while remaining within the limitations of company protocol.