Cover Letters for Front Desk Agent position serve one of the major functions of the job application process. Writing an eye-catching cover letter can instigate reader to continue to move forward to read your resume.

While writing a cover letter for Front Desk Agent Resume, refer to the selection criteria mentioned in the ad to draw round your skills, capabilities and experience, using the language of hospitality profession to recognize you with the position.

Although every cover letter you write will have some amount of repeated information, keep away from writing standard letter where only the name and address of the organization and contact person changes. If you will not tailor your letter per employer’s requirements, it might be interpreted that you wouldn’t make an effort in the Front Desk Agent role; and you could lose out on an interview consequently.

In order to make your job application stand out, we have created the following example which will help you writing your unique cover letter.

Front Desk Agent Cover Letter Sample

366 Example 6th Street
Denver, CO 52269
January 14, 2015

Ms.Kelli Doe
Senior Manager
Loews Denver Hotel
523 Opportunity Street
Denver, CO 52236


Dear Mr. Doe:

I am writing to apply for the position of Front Desk Agent at Loews Denver Hotel. My hospitality background combined with hands-on experience in customer service makes me an excellent candidate for this position. My skills and capabilities will allow Loews Denver Hotel achieve its customer service goals and maximize revenue.

I have extensive experience in several front desk positions with different organizations and some reputed hotels of Denver. As indicated in the enclosed resume, I am highly skilled in; greeting guests upon arrival, registering them into the system and verifying reservation, address, and credit information. I am also able to accept payment for guests’ accounts, maintain a house bank and make a deposit and exact report of receipts. Besides, I have a demonstrated ability to provide detailed information regarding hotel facilities in addition to answering telephone calls /guest inquiries in a gracious and professional manner. My enclosed resume contains additional details about my qualifications and experience.

I am eager to work for Loews Denver Hotel and would appreciate the opportunity to interview with you at your earliest convenience. I will call you next week to ensure you received my application materials. If you want any additional information, you may contact me on [Contact #] or via email at [Email Address].

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Amara White