Writing an eye catching cover letter is the biggest concern of any candidate applying for a job. This is due to the fact that cover letters are extremely daunting to write and one can never tell what to put in them to impress the employer. While you cannot be absolutely sure what will favor an employer’s eye, there are some things that will never fail you.

It is a fact that most employers will read only three paragraphs specifically the middle one; this is because they usually do not have time to read the whole document. Therefore it is best that you write your core competencies in three paragraphs only. This should be a relief though because you do not need to write long stories to justify your skills for a job.

Here are a few tips that should help you write an eye catching cover letter:

1. Do Not Write a Generic Salutation: Call up the company you are applying to and ask for the concerned person’s name and designation so that you can put it in your cover letter for addressing purposes.

2. Start Strong: Explain why the job and the specific company interests you. Mention at least one accomplishment that you can boast of.

3. Keep it Employer Focused: Write details about how you can help the company that you are applying to by mentioning your experience and accomplishments. Make sure you highlight some of your more potent skills here.

4. Do Not Make Demands: Never mention what you want the company to do for you in future.

5. Be Honest: Do not lie just to make yourself look good. Even if the employer believes you and hires you at that point, you will be found out later and, needless to say, it will be extremely embarrassing.

6. Check for Errors: Never leave your cover letter unchecked for spellings, grammar and syntax mistakes. Check it for errors at least three times before you send it in.

Remember that you can never write a perfect cover letter but you can write an eye-catching one – only if you keep all these points in mind when attempting to write one.

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Wish you best of luck in your job hunting process!!!