Mental Health Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: June 2, 2021

Here is a sample resume for a mental health coordinator position for your reference:

Sample Resume for Mental Health Coordinator Position

Donna Reed
5235 Clear Sky Road, Cordova, TN 95652
(000) 141-7474
donnareed @ email . com

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Driven mental health professional with 5 years of experience working collaboratively with clients, families, and mental healthcare professionals to ensure delivery of mental health services. Demonstrated expertise in handling the challenges of mental illnesses by taking a novel approach to each problem, within set boundaries of mental healthcare. Able to support and coordinate the provision of mental health care with clients’ primary care providers and mental health providers.

• Talented in screening and assessing clients to determine the extent and type of mental and substance abuse disorders
• Proven ability to effectively monitor clients for changes in clinical symptoms and treatment complications
• Documented success in providing education to clients and their families regarding diagnosed mental health illnesses and correlating treatment plans


Mental Health Coordinator
(5/2012 to Present)
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their mental states and create notes
• Confer with clients’ families to determine clients’ histories and significant past events
• Derive information from primary care and mental health care doctors to determine links between physical and mental problems
• Plan, organize, manage and coordinate all functions of implemented care programs to include managed care, contract compliance, and facilities certification
• Schedule clients for interviews and therapy sessions and provide assistance with basic administrative work such as form filling and filing
• Monitor clients to determine changes in their behavior (either positive or negative) and ensure that the prescribed mental health care provides is aware of them
• Facilitate in-clinic referrals to evidence-based psychosocial treatments
• Track patient follow up and clinical outcomes using the facility’s patient database
• Document patient progress and treatment recommendations in the system so that primary care physicians have access to them
Key Accomplishments
• Implemented 6 different types of relapse prevention plans, which decreased the chances of clients’ flaring up by 55%
• Introduced and coordinated a series of community resource programs and had 52% of the client base sign up for them
• Counselled a young client (identified by the state) who was a prime candidate for terrorism grooming with great results, ending in him taking up a scholarship program to Greece
• Held 22 educational workshops on remission management, as part of the ongoing training program at the facility

Volunteer Counselor
(1/2014 to 5/2015)
• Interviewed patients to decipher levels of mental disorders
• Provided counseling services by exercising patience and tolerance to patients’ reactions
• Monitored patients to determine the efficacy of treatment and maintained corresponding notes for the designated mental health doctor
• Engaged patients in extracurricular activities (both physical and mental) to provide them with an outlet
• Handled adverse situations by employing tact, especially during times of severe distress at the patients’ part

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

• Client Assessment
• Psychotropic Medication
• Treatment Recommendations
• Client Re-engagement
• Motivational Interviewing
• Therapeutic Counseling
• Psychopharmacology
• Psychosocial Treatments