Office Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

January 21, 2020

Writing your first cover letter can be a challenging task especially if no guidance is available.

This page is designed to guide beginners seeking an office assistant position regarding cover letter writing.


How to Write an Office Assistant Cover Letter with No Experience?

1. Research the prospective company, determine their expectations, and relate your qualifications and skills to their needs.
2. Start with an impressive opening; this is the chance to grab the reader’s attention.
3. Write your competencies as per job requirements in the main body of your cover letter.
4. State your specific interest in working for the prospective company, and demonstrate some knowledge about the general administrative procedures.
5. Close with confidence by showing your follow-up plan.



Below is an entry-level office assistant cover letter sample suitable for job seekers with less or no experience.


Office Assistant Cover Letter No Experience



Fiona Trevor
45 Roselyn Ave
Madison, WI 32009
(005) 444-3333

July 19, 2019

Mr. Harold Smith
HR Manager
388 Fiery Ave
Madison, WI 32009


Dear Mr. Smith:

This letter is in response to your job posting for an office assistant. I was very excited to see your job announcement listed on the student job board at the Community College. My strong written and verbal communication skills and solid interpersonal proficiency coupled with my desire to work in a challenging and fast-paced environment make me a top contender for this position.

I bring great attention to detail, strong organization skills, and exceptional familiarity with MS Office Suite. My professors have always commended my IT skills and profound ability to solve problems with a multifaceted approach.

As a student, being an active member of the youth club, I had the opportunity of handling a lot of office work and performing various clerical duties which rendered me valuable exposure to office assistance tasks. I am confident that this background would be an asset for me in the role of an office assistant and will enable me to hit the ground running.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with your company and hope to hear from you soon to set up an interview and discuss the position further. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Fiona Travis



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