Preschool Aide Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 19, 2019

A cover letter for a preschool aide resume is your first introduction to prospective employers.

It is an important document and must be written after doing a lot of research and consideration regarding prospective school district.


While a well-written cover letter can enhance the chances of your resume being reviewed, a poorly written one can diminish the same.

A cover letter for preschool aide resume must speak directly to the job demands and provide relevant details about your education, qualifications, and experience in the field.

Compelling cover letters also showcase and highlight a few professional achievements to convince the employers of the candidate’s pertinent potential in the field.

In short, tying your skills to the job requirements is the key to effective cover letter writing.



Preschool Aide Cover Letter Example


Fiona Gale
65 Apple Tree Lane
Bridgewater, NJ 89606
(004) 333-5555

July 19, 2019

Mr. Nelson Gilbert
HR Manager
922 North West Blvd
Bridgewater, NJ 89606


Dear Mr. Gilbert:

I am writing to apply for as a preschool aide position, as advertised in Daily Dawn. Given your mission to maximize learning opportunities for young students by providing them with a developmentally suitable and cognitively stimulating environment, I feel confident that I could make a substantial contribution.

For the past four years, I have been successfully facilitating child educators in designing and implementation of supportive learning activities. This experience has given me ample exposure to various learning blocks and challenges faced by growing children and has equipped me with solid skills to deal with the same. My determination and commitment to the profession have allowed me to empower preschoolers and enhance their learning power noticeably.

I fully believe that imparting lessons in a manner that is meaningful to the student facilitates his or her comprehension of various subjects, and through my diligence, I enable teachers to do through highly informed lesson planning assistance. Being a creative individual and highly knowledgeable in the Montessori and kindergarten schools of thought I have always come up with innovative supportive learning activities for toddlers. In addition to being an accomplished preschool activity facilitator, I am an excellent communicator who is CPR certified, highly vigilant and dependable.

I would highly appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and discuss my relevant skills in detail that could complement your goals and mission. I will call your office next week to follow-up and possibly arrange a meeting. In the interim, if you have any queries, please feel free to call me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Fiona Gale

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