Administrative Assistant Skills List for Resume

Updated on: August 6, 2020
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To build a good resume for the administrative assistant position, it is crucial to mention the skills required for the job.

Though specific skills may vary from employer to employer, the core skills that form prerequisites for an administrative assistant position remain more or less the same.

Possessing the required administrative skills is not enough, expressing the same impressively in the resume is very important. Unless the skills are communicated to the employer, they are not noticed, and the resume does not stand any chance of winning an interview.

Considering the nature of an administrative assistant job, the ideal candidate must be able to remain calm and work efficiently under high pressure, meet demanding deadlines, process multiple tasks at the same time, and communicate clearly with other people at all levels.

Ideally and administrative assistant must be a proactive thinker with the ability to anticipate the executives’ needs and fulfill them promptly. Good at record-keeping and scheduling, an administrative assistant must also be an effective communicator.

Below is a categorized list of most wanted administrative assistant skills, along with examples of how to present them in an administrative assistant resume.

Sample Skills List for Administrative Assistant Resume

Organizational skills

  1. Proficient in working efficiently in a fast-paced environment while juggling multiple tasks at a time
  2. Well versed in budgeting, inventory maintenance, time management, and job prioritization
  3. Proven front desk handling skills
  4. Demonstrated ability to manage phone calls and correspondence effectively

Management skills

  1. Efficient in calendar keeping and appointment scheduling
  2. Proven ability to schedule appointments involving more than one department effectively
  3. Full command on various data entry and file cataloging systems

Computer skills

  1. Competent in basic PC operations and software including Windows OS, internet, MS office suite, and flash
  2. Demonstrated skills in computer maintenance and basic troubleshooting of windows
  3. Skilled in data entry and data processing
  4. High typing accuracy with 60WPM typing speed

Technical skills

  1. Operational knowledge of the functioning of various office equipment including facsimile machines, scanners, and photocopiers
  2. Well practiced in software-based payroll processing, employee database software, and online project promotion.

Communication skills

  1. Expert in maintaining productive written correspondence with stakeholders and vendors
  2. Strong written and verbal communication skills
  3. Proficient in issuing and presenting monthly and weekly progress reports
  4. Track record of effectively serving as a liaison between management and employees

Interpersonal Skills

  1. Able to convince others
  2. Proven collaborative skills to facilitate teamwork
  3. Ability to resolve problems
  4. Demonstrated ability to build rapport quickly
  5. Customer service-oriented attitude towards work with profound ability to interact effectively with others

Analytical skills

  1. Excellent attention to detail with the ability to develop time-lined project blueprints
  2. Proven ability to comprehend and follow instructions accurately

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