Position Overview

Administrative assistants provide clerical and administrative support to office in order to ensure smooth flow of operations. These support services may include maintaining office files, managing correspondence, taking minutes of the meeting, ordering office supplies, reviewing and editing board reports, scheduling meetings and preparing relevant agendas.

In addition, administrative assistants may also be required to provide tier one services or receptionist services depending on their individual job setting. In order to perform this huge array of duties, an administrative assistant needs to be extremely skilled in a number of ways.

When an employer checks the resume or interviews for the position of an administrative assistant, he looks for the strengths and abilities of candidate. The sooner that a candidate shows these, the earlier he gets hired as this work involves a lot in terms of personality demands and the acumen to work in a fast paced environment.

Administrative Assistant Resume Strengths

• Well-versed in transcribing and typing dictation of letters and memorandum

• Special talent for receiving, answering and forwarding telephone calls

• Proficient in maintaining appointment calendar

• Able to compile information and prepare a wide variety of reports

• Track record of taking minutes of meeting in accurate manner

• First-hand experience in arranging conferences including venue, time and participants

• Demonstrated ability to receive and review incoming correspondence

• Proficient in standard Email and Internet operations

• Computer: MS Office suite including Word, Excel PowerPoint and Publisher

• Typing speed: 55 wpm

• Qualified to review outgoing letters for technical and grammatical accuracy

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

• Analytical and problem solving acumen

• Extreme attention to detail with a high level of accuracy

• Effective organizational and time management skills

• Friendly individual with a calm nature

• Exceptional reporting acumen

• Proven ability to take initiative and stay customer focused at all times

• Profound ability to meet new challenges with enthusiasm

• Able to take and follow directions

• Track record of working efficiently in a fast paced and environment

• Effectively works collaboratively with coworkers, supervisors and juniors