An assistant food service director’s responsibility is to ensure that the food management at an event or facility is managed in a meticulous manner in order to ensure total customer satisfaction.

If you are looking to secure a job in this field, this cover letter will assist you apply for it.



Assistant Food Service Director Cover Letter Sample


8211 Evanbrook Ter
Oklahoma City, OK 53433

September 1, 2016

Mr. Jeremy Lewis
Manager Human Resources
Hilton Suites
6653 NW Maple Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 55533


Dear Mr. Lewis:

I am interested in the position of Assistant Food Service Director at Hilton Suites position because I possess the food management background and the business insight that is sure to prove to be a valuable addition. In researching your organization, I was impressed by the services that you have been providing to the hotel’s patrons and the reputation that you have accumulated in doing so.

My ability to plan menus and to ensure provision of meticulous food and beverage services at all times makes me the right contender for this position. Keeping in mind the health standards that are an absolute necessary to maintain in this field along with a profound ability to work towards achieving these targets, I strive hard to manage a facility’s work in accordance to set rules and regulations of quality.

The enclosed resume highlights my experience in this field and any additional information that you need, can be made available when required. I will call you to ask for a date when we can meet and discuss this further and will be available at (000) 828-1254.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Cary Smith

Enc. Resume