School Administrator Resume Sample

Updated on: May 10, 2019

School administrators attempting to create their resumes should keep a few things in mind – reading job descriptions thoroughly and highlighting keywords that indicate preferred skills can make your resume go miles ahead.

If, for instance, an employer is looking for someone who is punctual and attentive, make sure that you use similar words to define your professional profile.



As a school administrator, you will need to be articulate where your resume is concerned.

Showing that you are conscientious and possess strong knowledge of academics in your resume is sure to take you places where employment is concerned.



What follows is a school administrator resume sample that you can use as a basis for writing your own:


School Administrator Resume Example


Larry King

65 Susan Road ● Las Vegas, NV 5201 ● (999) 999-9999 ● l.king @ email . com


A self-directed, resourceful and enthusiastic school administrator with a genuine interest in handling support operations to foster students’ cognitive and social growth. Strong passion for literacy coupled with exceptional knowledge of handling functions to ensure an environment conducive to learning and growth. Track record of organizing administrative support systems with the view to enable effective operations. A proven leader who is well-versed in designing and implementing admission modules and data management systems.


• Policies Implementation • Attendance Management • New Programs Review
• Student Counseling • Parents Meetings • Time Management
• School Maintenance • Personnel Management • Admissions Management
• Communication • Learning Strategies • Procurement

• Introduced the IB System (International Baccalaureate) in PYP (Primary Years Program) which brought in tremendous interest from surrounding schools’ students
• Decreased paper wastage costs by 44% by implementing “No Paper Days” on alternate work days
• Increased efficiency of teaching staff by 30% by enrolling them in intense teacher training programs
• Overhauled the existing student records systems by introducing efficient electronic records systems


School Administrator
Green Mountain School
, Las Vegas, NV | 2013 to Present
• Handle recruitment and training of teaching and support staff
• Create and implement admissions and registration procedures
• Develop school policies and procedures and ensure appropriate implementation
• Handle course evaluation and approval procedures
• Create appropriate scheduling of staff and ensure that schedules are followed appropriately
• Manage budgets and ensure that financial systems are followed
• Assist students in choosing between subjects and coordinate assessments and examinations
• Coordinate the purchase of school materials and equipment and ensure timely and accurate delivery
• Organize and facilitate the management of educational and social activities
• Act as a point of contact for students’, parents’ and staff’s grievance addressing needs

Academic Administrator
University of Birmingham, Las Vegas, NV | 2008 – 2013
• Managed the department’s monthly head interest and other finances
• Dealt with staff acquisition requests and timely approvals as per the university policy
• Coordinated extracurricular activities for the projection of the institute and enhancing admissions each year
• Handled various scholarship programs and kept all record in the form of computerized reports
• Composed monthly finance reports using modern software including SIMS, FMS, and FAS
• Designed and conducted numerous successful admin and staff training.
• Coordinated inter-department meetings
• Directed the undergraduate residential student’s in charge and directly handled their financial and managerial issues
• Coordinated, organized and scheduled various inter-university, national and international competitions for undergraduates within a limited budget

Lead Teacher
Hartford Public Schools
, Las Vegas, NV | 2005 to 2008
• Developed and implemented core curriculum and class-appropriate lesson plans
• Imparted lessons according to set school policies with a view to meeting educational objectives
• Handed out assignments for classwork and homework and assisted students with their work
• Monitored students to ensure that they are comfortable with their surroundings and assist students who may have problems
• Observed students for signs of distress and ensure that their problems are addressed
• Supervised students during class activities, lunch and extracurricular activities
• Evaluated students and provide parents with feedback on their children’s academic successes and limitations

B.S. Education
Nevada State University, Las Vegas, NV | 2008

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