School Administrator Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: December 30, 2020
School Administrator Job Description

A school can only be run properly if it is in the hands of a good administrator. These individuals are responsible for ensuring that both the office and academic operations of a school are handled efficiently.

As a school administrator, one has to be extremely well-versed in handling staff members, teachers, and students so that an optimum learning environment can be maintained.

To work as a school administrator, one has to possess a bachelor’s degree in education at the very least. If you have worked as a teacher for some years, you will be aware of most of the work that a school administrator has to oversee – and will probably be a great choice to eventually work as a school administrator yourself.

If you can plan curricula, set school budgets, and respond well to people, you will be a great school administrator. In many schools, student behavior management is a huge part of a school administrator’s work.

He or she is responsible for developing and implementing programs to help keep students’ behavior within specified parameters. Another aspect of your work as a school administrator will involve monitoring attendance, so you will need to be able to handle detailed work.

So if you are an articulate person and possess exceptional administrative qualities, you may be looking at a career as a school administrator. Here is a list of duties that you can utilize when building a resume for the school administrator position.

Duties and Responsibilities to Use in a School Administrator Resume

• Asses the overall administrative needs of the school office and system and develop and implement correlating plans
• Manage the day to day activities of the school office by ensuring that they are all in order
• Develop and implement academic programs and constantly check their efficacy
• Monitor teachers to ensure that they are imparting education in a manner that they are trained in
• Observe students in order to make sure that they are performing well and address any issues that they may have
• Counsel new and existing students to help them decide on their career paths
• Maintain effective rapport with parents to ensure that they understand their children’s progress and limitations
• Handle inventory and record-keeping duties to ensure that the school is never short of supplies or equipment
• Prepare budgets and annual reports and ensure that all purchasing activities fall within the established budgets
• Work with teachers to ensure a constantly high level of teaching standards
• Create and develop new learning concepts including activities-based learning and ensure that all teachers are trained properly to impart lesson modules