Administrative Officer Resume Sample

Updated on: July 1, 2021

Your resume writing endeavors will always be successful if you put in the required effort.

Resumes for administrative officer positions are not only simply short blurbs of your professional existence but they are also about how well you let the reader take a peek into you as a human being.

While this is usually considered the job of a cover letter, resumes help as well. To make the hiring manager believe that you have the human touch, a little personal touch is required.

The need to prove that you are organized and detail-oriented becomes weightier in a resume for an administrative office position.

To see how you can tackle this problem, take a look at the following resume sample for an administrative officer position:

Administrative Officer Resume Sample

Gordon Hayes
321 Reed Road
Oakdale, CA 88585 
(000) 121-4545 
gordhay @ email . com

Administrative Officer

A highly organized and methodical individual with 12+ years of extensive experience in leading administrative systems of large organizations. Effectively able to create and implement resource management policies of finance, space, and equipment. Documented success in planning, organization, and ensuring consistent human resource administration. Works well independently and collaboratively without supervision.


Administrative Officer
STAPLES, Oakdale, CA
(5/2014 to Present)
• Greet visitors and provide them with information on the company’s products and services.
• Ensure that visitors are escorted or directed to their desired department.
• Handle staff scheduling duties and ensure that new schedules are assigned in a time-efficient manner.
• Supervise and coordinate the activities of staff members by providing them with logistical support.
• Assist in organizing interview processes by handling details of recruitment procedures such as advertising for vacant positions and coordinating applicants.
• Conduct orientations for new employees and assist during induction procedures.
Key Achievements & Results
• Reorganized the existing administrative procedures, increasing work efficiency by 59%.
• Overhauled the recruitment procedure by introducing a step-by-step administrative support module that assisted in screening viable candidates.
• Created and maintained professional relations with an inexpensive office equipment vendor, saving the company $10,000 annually in acquiring quality equipment.
• Introduced a novel schedule planning system that provided automatic updates in the form of periodic text messages.

Administrative Officer
ADT Co, Oakdale, CA
(4/2011 to 5/2014)
• Provided assistance to the accounting department by creating and organizing timesheets and administering payrolls.
• Maintained manual and computerized management information systems.
• Assisted in the preparation of annual expenditure estimates.
• Created and administered employment agreements.
• Maintained leave management systems.
• Oversaw the repair and maintenance needs of the company.
• Created and maintained meaningful relations with vendors and suppliers.

Administrative Aide
Tech Partners, Oakdale, CA
(10/2009 to 4/2011)
• Handled telephone calls by responding to inquiries, taking messages, and transferring calls.
• Assisted in the reconciliation of financial records and bank statements.
• Provided support by handling paper and electronic filing systems.
• Entered customer and employee data into predefined database systems after ensuring their accuracy.
• Assisted recruitment staff with their hiring efforts by providing them logistical support.
• Performed photocopying, scanning, and printing duties.
• Ensured overall repair and maintenance of office equipment.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
Concordia University, Oakdale, CA – 2008

• Schedule Planning and Implementation
• Recruitment Support
• Data Analysis
• Financial Management Support
• Resource Management
• Inventory and Procurement
• First Contact Services
• Executive Support
• Database Administration Assistance
• Staffing
• Payroll Administration
• Vendor Relations