Cover Letter for Accounts Clerk Position

Updated on May 27, 2019

An accounts clerk position is of the great responsibility that’s why employers usually require a responsible and qualified candidate to fill in the vacancy.

To establish your candidacy for the job, you need an extraordinary cover letter.


There is a lot of terminologies associated with the position. Mirroring the key terms used by the employer in the advertisement is a unique strategy that is also quite successful.

Cover letter experts suggest that this helps in creating an instant connection of relevance with the position in the employer’s mind.

It is advised to go through the job advertisement thoroughly and very carefully so as not to miss out any details or requirements and address all the employer specified prerequisites in your cover letter.


Remember you have to present a complete package of your candidacy in the form of a cover letter and the same should also be backed by your resume.

Any information that you put in your cover letter must tally with what you have included in your resume.

Discrepant resumes and cover letters are the worst things you can do to your candidacy.

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Accounts Clerk Cover Letter Sample


Thomas Gale
566 Yankee’s Sq, Seattle, WA 23441
☏ (000) 854-6595

May 27, 2019

Mr. Edward Edison
HR Manager
Financial Solutions
67 Thick Bush Lane
Seattle, WA 23441


Dear Mr. Edison:

In response to your advertised position of accounts clerk, I would like to draw your attention to my profile and enclosed resume. I believe I am the candidate you are looking for.

The following qualifications support my claim:

✔ Demonstrated ability of accurate Invoice tracking, keying, and matching

✔ Skilled in settling and issuing vendor statements, obtaining approval on capital and matching issued checks against data

✔ Adept at financial analysis and budgeting

✔ Proficient in the timely generation of relevant finance reports

✔ Familiar with all popular accounting software and interface.

✔ Hands on experience in entering and managing accounts payable on automated systems to facilitate the smooth running of the finance department and ensure timely and accurate payments

Considering the exceptional match between my expertise and your expectations, I would like to have an interview with you. I shall call you in the coming week to schedule a meeting. In case you need to speak earlier, please feel free to contact me at (000) 854-6595.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Thomas Gale

Thomas Gale

Encl. Resume

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