Accounts Payable Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 19, 2015

No advice can possibly make an accounts payable cover letter do what you want it to do. The only thing that will work is your own deduction of what will work best in your situation. It is a saga that one just cannot escape. Cover letter writing is actually a personal thing. Everyone has a different way of portraying himself / herself and it has to be done in a tone that suits you the best.

Through cover letters, many employers strive to gather one piece of information – what does this individual sound like? Can he write well? If you write well, it will be perceived that you speak well and carry yourself with dignity. And since writing is an “individual” thing, it is important to write your cover letter yourself and not ask someone else to do it for you.

On the other hand, if you lack writing skills, it is probably a good idea to ask a friend (or even a professional writing service) to do the dirty work for you. In this case, you will just have to delve deeply into what is being written on your behalf, so that you can emulate the tone at the interview stage.

The following cover letter sample for an accounts payable clerk position can help you get started though:


Accounts Payable Cover Letter Sample


58 8th Street
Homewood, IL 54147

November 19, 2015

Mr. Todd Young
Hiring Manager
Configuration Management Inc.
1736 111th Street
Homewood, IL 89754


Dear Mr. Young:

For your convenience, I will keep this letter especially brief. The position that you trying to fill – accounts payable clerk – seems to have my name on it, thanks to extensive qualifications in handling bookkeeping activities and experience of handling accounts payable work at 3 large-scale organizations.

The following skills that I offer are just some from the huge profile that I boast of:

• Well-versed in performing accounts payable functions by matching purchase orders to invoices and ensuring that every account is in order
• Hands-on experience in reconciling accounts payable entries and submitting general entry requests for timely adjustments
• Competent at providing accurate and effective document preparation support relative to accounts payable functions

Ideally, I would like to elaborate on my additional qualifications when I meet with you in person. I will be in touch. Please feel free to contact me at (777) 777-7777 if you require further information that may help determine my candidature.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jessica Homer

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