Accounts Payable Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 29, 2020
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Accounts payable specialists manage a company’s billing needs in terms of vendor invoices and other bills. They are expert accountants who manage a company’s tax matters, perform some bookkeeping activities, and verify spending amounts.

They work in a number of industries including hotels, hospitals, and both government and private establishments. They also process check requests and audit, and process credit card bills. They also reconcile vendor statements and correct discrepancies as and when required.

If you have a degree in accounting and are willing to work as an accounts payable specialist, you should look at the following cover letter sample to apply for this position.

Sample Cover Letter for Accounts Payable Specialist Position

Stanley Good
3657 Pokagon Street
Mishawaka, IN 66673
(012) 999-999
stanley @ email . com

December 29, 2020

Mr. Christopher Lyman
Manager Human Resources
Tevis Inc.
357-24 Coldwater Drive
Mishawaka, IN 67363

Dear Mr. Lyman:

With many years of accounting experience combined with the aptitude for managing more complex accounts payable processes, I believe that I can cope with all challenges of Tevis Inc. Introducing myself as a competent Accounts Payable Specialist, I feel that the match between your requirements and my talents is very close.

It is rare that an individual can manage the demands of a multifaceted accounting system. I have the enthusiasm, high ethical standards, and financial technology knowledge that will ensure meeting all challenges. My detail-oriented mind provides me with an edge over other candidates for this position as I can effortlessly ensure that the delivery of services or items is in sync with business costs. With a keen eye for detail, I do not allow a single discrepancy oversight which has prompted many commendations from supervisors during the ten years I have spent in this capacity.

It will be an honor to work with you, and I am sure of my ability to be a positive contribution owing to my ability to bring immediate results and hands-on accounting acumen. You can rest assured that my work leaves nothing to be desired as I am a thorough professional. I would welcome a personal interview to discuss the value I can add to Tevis Inc.

Thank you for your time and consideration. My resume is attached for your review.


Stanley Good

Attachment. Resume