A Cover letter is an essential part of any formal job application as it helps in drawing attention towards your candidacy among several other candidates for the same vacancy.

Write a customized cover letter for every job you apply and have your cover letter proofread by a professional some colleague before you sending.


Below is a fully customizable cover letter sample for the job of an Accounts Payable Manager.



Accounts Payable Manager Cover Letter Sample



John Newman

773E, 6th Ave, Boston, MA 02201
Cell: (000) 342 9878, Email: johnNewman @ email . com

July 3, 2017

Mr. Edward Cooper
Senior Receuiter
23 West St
New York, NY 21014


Dear Mr. Cooper:

Keeping in consideration the AppNexus’s repute nationwide, I’d like to apply for the position of Accounts Payable Manager at you company.

I have the Degree of Bachelors in Accounting and Finance from State University of Olympia – a well reputed business educational institute and this makes me a competitive accounts intellectual. From my education and relevant experience, I have acquired high financial management and intricate bookkeeping skills and, considering them, I guarantee great benefits to your company as an accounts payable manager.

While carefully reading your job requirements, I found my following skills closely complement your needs:

✓ Supervising and directing Accounts Payable Specialists in all tasks including bookkeeping
✓ Planning and monitoring invoice processing requirements on a daily basis
✓ Maintaining vendor database
✓ Supporting senior management staff on all accounting matters

My work experience and qualifications perfectly meet the selection criteria for the position of an Accounts Payable Manager at your company, therefore, I am positive that I will be strongly kept in consideration. My resume is attached for your perusal and you can contact me anytime on above mentioned numbers if you need more details.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.




John Newman

(000) 857-8547