Accounts Assistant Resume Example

Updated on: July 30, 2017

Contrary to what some job applicants believe, resumes are not only about experience.

While writing what you have done in the past is important, one should concentrate on other areas as well, such as accomplishments, skills and competencies.


The following resume sample is complete with all this information:




Accounts Assistant Resume Sample



Michelle Phillips

882 Red Fox Ave, Pinehurst, NC 28374
(000) 999-2015
mcih.phips @ email . com


Performance Summary
9+ years’ solid track record of providing well-placed and accurate administrative and accounting support to accountants. Highly experienced in working with complex spreadsheets, sales and purchase ledgers, and journals.

Precisely handles petty cash transactions, and maintains correlating logs and reports. Ability to control outstanding credits by effectively following up with debtors and encouraging them to make timely payments.

Team building and leadership strengths with expertise in reconciling direct debits and finance accounts according to specified instructions.

Professional Skills

✓ Bank Deposits Preparation ✓ A/P and A/R Support
✓ Accounts Reconciliation ✓ Data Entry
✓ Financial Reports Preparation ✓ Expense Tracking
✓ Funds Disbursement ✓ Monthly Closings
✓ General Ledger Postings ✓ Discrepancy Management
✓ Invoice Validation ✓ Debt Follow-up


Selected Accomplishments / Performance Highlights
• Devised a foolproof method to obtain partial payments from account holders who were reluctant to pay their debts.
• Streamlined the accounts payable system by implementing a series of strategies that proved to be highly beneficial to the process.
• Reduced company expenses by 65% by suggesting use of alternate energy during peak office hours.
• Implemented a novel accounts reconciliation system, which proved to be 99% accurate in handling discrepancies.


HAI Group, Pinehurst, NC | 2012 – Present
Accounts Assistant
• Prepare financial documents including invoices, bills and accounts receivable and payable.
• Create and complete purchase orders, and handle payroll functions as instructed.
• Complete bank reconciliations, and ensure that any discrepancies are immediately managed.
• Process business expenses, manage company ledgers, and provide assistance with budgets.
• Verify balances in accounts books, and ensure that all day to day transactions are properly managed.
• Record office expenses, ensuring that they remain within provided budgets for each area.
• Create and maintain reports of debtors, and perform follow up services to ensure that outstanding payments are acquired.
• Sort financial documents, ensuring that they are posted to correct accounts, and resolve errors in financial reports.

Macmillan, Pinehurst, NC | 2008 – 2012
Accounts Aide
• Collected bills and invoices and ensured that they were delivered to the right departments.
• Performed data entry work to punch accounts information into the system.
• Assisted in preparing annual budgets, and verifying bank deposits.
• Handled accruals and prepayments, and encoded accounting entries to data processing purposes.
• Provided support in determining causes of discrepancies, aiming to resolve them in real time.

North Carolina State University, Pinehurst, NC – 2007
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance