Sample Letter of Recommendation for Clerical Position

Updated on: June 4, 2019

One cannot deny the impact of the letter of recommendation on an employee’s future performance.

Recommendation letters are a weapon for candidates used to obtain a new job.


Look at this way; if your previous employer gives you a glowing recommendation, a potential one will sit up and take notice.

The chances are that you will eventually land up with the job of your dreams!

Clerical recommendation letters can be written for any position on the hierarchy – in fact, they should be written for all positions.

Competition is fierce out there, and it takes a whole lot more than just a resume to beat it.


A good recommendation letter can mean an immediate interview and a successful one at that!

So what does a “good” recommendation letter entail?

Confirmation of your employment in a specific company, your work aptitude, skills, and experience are just a few of the things that a recommendation letter consists of.

What else? Have a look at the following sample recommendation letter for a clerical position.


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Clerical Recommendation Letter Sample


June 4, 2019


To Whom It May Concern

This letter is my personal recommendation for Eric Baldwin who has worked as a Clerk under my supervision for 3 years. As a consistently pleasant individual, Eric efficiently handled all assignments and has become a valuable resource since he joined the company.

Eric is a joy to work with; there are no missed deadlines and no procrastination as far as his work is concerned. He is a take-charge individual who has a keen ability to present his work in a professional way and has never been tardy. From the very simple tasks such as filing to the more complicated scheduling work, Eric has the capability of handling everything with precision and due diligence.

His particular expertise lies in his ability to provide marketing support which has earned the company a 55% profit in the last year alone. Eric has outstanding organizational skills which, coupled with high work ethics is an amalgamation that most of us seek in someone working in a clerical position.

To conclude, I would like to reiterate the fact that Eric will be a great addition to any company’s clerical staff owing to his constant ability to rise to new challenges. I strongly recommend him and will be happy to answer any questions regarding his skills or this recommendation.


Best regards,


Felicity Gnome
(Managing Director)
ABC Company
(000) 258-4451
felicity @ abc . com

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