Position Overview

Account coordinators liaise between the sales and marketing teams of the company and the client. They coordinate activities and action plans. An account coordinator is a kind of problem solver as well, making sure that communication between client and team is well done so that problems do not arise, and troubleshooting if they do.

As an account coordinator, most of your days will be pretty busy, and most of the day will be spent in meetings. The people you will interact daily with are the client, account managers, and sales and marketing team members. It’s quite an exciting job, actually!

You will require at least a BA degree in marketing or communications, or at least in advertising or business. The good news is that many companies hire by looking at either the job experience a candidate has, or the skills and abilities a hiring manager may see in the candidate.

To become an account coordinator, needless to say, you must have excellent communication skills. Good managerial acumen will also come in handy. So if you have all these, you can be on your way to having a good, productive, fun job in which you will meet people and go all over the place! Here are the specific tasks of the work you will do:

Account Coordinator Job Description Sample

• Take responsibility of clients’ accounts from idea generation to completion
• Manage client account by communicating regularly with the client and ensuring his or her instructions and directions are given to the sales and marketing team
• Support the clients’ everyday account management requirements
• Write and compile reports of overall client-specific marketing strategies and document client instructions
• Based on the client’s wishes and direction, make marketing recommendations to the sales and marketing team
• Analyze client delivery performance to troubleshoot problems
• Use tracking systems to document client dealings
• Organize campaigns and events, in accordance with wishes of both client and sales and marketing team
• Maintain user accounts as well as client contacts
• Perform research into marketing trends to aid the sales and marketing team
• Monitor data trends for specific clients to determine causes of success or failure of marketing campaigns
• Coordinate with communication team in keeping abreast of users’ views regarding client’s products