Resigning from a teaching job can be painful because of your emotional attachment with the institution and students. But, at some stage in your career, you may need to resign from your current teaching position due to domestic affairs, study or a better opportunity.

When resigning from a position as a teacher, be sure to follow your school district’s policies and procedures. Give adequate notice; the typical notice period for teaching jobs is 2 to 4 weeks, though, check with your employee to verify school expectations. Your letter is supposed to be brief and factual.

The following sample resignation letter may come in handy to write your own.


Best Resignation Letter from Teaching Job


June 13, 2014

Mr. Leroy Rich
Nashville High School
625 Franklin Street
New York, NY 98262


Dear Mr. Rich:

I am writing to inform you about my decision to resign from the position as a Math Teacher from Nashville High School. Please consider this a formal thirty day notice i.e. July 12, 2014 will be my last working day.

Although I enjoy immensely working with Nashville High School , I cannot continue because of my higher studies. I have been offered a place at the Boston University in a post graduate program and will need to move to Massachusetts by the end of July. I must say that I have enjoyed every moment that I have spent working for Nashville High School and will miss my students very much. Had I another choice, I wouldn’t have left but this opportunity is a dream come true.

Thank you very much for the opportunities for professional development that you have provided me throughout my tenure at Nashville High School. I still want to be associated with the school and will keep in touch throughout my time at university. I wish the entire staff every success with their future endeavors.


Truly yours,

Rachel Albert
Math Teacher
Nashville High School
(000) 987-9887