Contrary to what many people believe, there is a difference between a security guard and a security officer. So while you may think it is alright to write a security officer resume that is full of information of a security guard’s profile, it is not something that you can do. Although there is a thin line between what both are expected to do, you need to know the difference.

When you write a resume for a security guard position, you need to focus on the individual’s ability to guard buildings, with minimum personal security for the people inside. But when you are writing one for a security officer position, you need to focus on both. In the latter situation, you will be doing a little more than just posing as a human alarm system.

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So let’s see what we can put into a resume for a security officer resume:


Security Officer Resume Sample 1 (Experienced)


Adrian Paul

56 Central Avenue ● Romney, WV 76736
(000) 141-8547 ● adrianpaul @ email . com


PROFILE: Extremely-vigilant, hardworking individual with over 11 years of experience in securing premises and personnel by indulging in patrolling and monitoring activities. Adept at watching out for irregularities and responding to emergency situations in a prompt and calm manner.

• Excellent skills in observing and reporting suspects to police and apprehending offenders until police help arrives
• Competent in monitoring computer alarm systems and CCTV systems to ensure that nefarious acts are stopped immediately
• Focused on maintaining law and order and protecting the contents and occupants of designated buildings
• Hands-on experience in using security equipment such as metal detectors to ensure that no illegal items are being carried inside the building


• Security Screening• Alarm Systems• CCTV
• Inspection• Investigation• Patrolling
• Facilities Support• Parking/Traffic Control• Protective Services
• Fraud Detection• Crowd Control• Theft Prevention

• Prevented a possible break in by actively monitoring the CCTV system and realizing just in time that it had been tampered with
• Increased check-in efficiency by 60% by suggesting installation of body scan equipment
• Trained a team of 17 security officers within 15 months so that they could be deployed to the company’s offices in 3 states
• Reverted a terror attack by staying constantly aware of surroundings, thereby resulting in safety of the premises and its members


ROMNEY CLINIC, Romney, WV (2/2008 to Present)
Security Officer
• Secure personnel and premises by ensuring that proper patrolling activities are carried out
• Monitor surveillance equipment and inspect buildings and equipment
• Keep eyes constantly peeled and report any losses and / or damages by reporting irregularities
• Maintain security by setting up alarm systems and equipment controls
• Keep a constant watch on CCTV systems to ensure that any fraudulent activity is immediately reported
• Inspect premises and suspicious individuals and restrain criminals until police help arrives
• Check people’s bags and to detect any concealed weapons and / or illegal substances
• Neutralize situations using tact and common sense
• Watch for safety and fire hazards and ensure that they are diffused immediately
• Prevent theft and misappropriation of items by enforcing law and order in a constant manner

MASTER SECURITY, Romney, WV (5/2004 – 2/2008)
Security Guard
• Provided support in setting up and programming alarm and CCTY systems
• Watched CCTV recordings to keep abreast of all that is going on within and around the premises
• Raised alarms if any problematic situation such as theft or vandalism has been observed
• Assisted in investigating nefarious acts and apprehending and restraining offenders
• Inspected buildings to ensure that no fire hazards are eminent

High School Diploma


Security Officer Resume Sample 2 (Less/No Experience)


John Doe

247 Example Ave., Houston, TX 65566
Contact #, Email Address


• Over two years of practical experience working as a security officer
• Track record of developing and implementing safety procedures
• Hands-on experience in handling emergency situations in terms of medical emergencies, providing CPR when necessary and accidents
• In-depth knowledge of preparing reports in order to be able to report to managers
• Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
• Bilingual – English and Chinese

• Certified Security Officer Certificate from XYZ Institute
• [List your achievements]

September 2012 – Present
Microdot, Houston, TX
Security Officer
• Develop and implementing security procedures
• Oversee patrolling duties carried out by a team of five security guards
• Oversee safety inspections in order to make sure they are being carried out in accordance to processes and procedures
• Sanction visitor cards to guests and verify ID Cards of employees
• Make decision on any nefarious activity reported

High School Diploma, SOME Houston, TX – 2010

References Available on Request