List of Skills for Security Officer Resume

Updated on: November 10, 2019

A security officer’s resume is the most effective way for an employer to assess an applicant’s professional background.

Everything that you write in a resume is carefully scrutinized provided that your resume is an attractive one.


While all sections on a resume hold equal importance, the skills section is the one that we usually take for granted. We shouldn’t.

Our skills define us more than anything else in the world and we must give them due credit when we list them down in a resume.

Actually, it is not that we play down our skills, but that fact that we list them in a way that they appear to be toned down. Writing them properly in a resume is important.

For instance, if we write that we are “skilled in security services…” the statement is vague and incomplete. It almost seems as if the writer wanted to say something but stopped mid-sentence. Do not give the reader this feeling. Always complete your sentences.


Listed skills need to be industry-specific. If you are applying for a security officer job, you should only list skills that are particular to the position that you are applying for.

Of course, transferable skills work just as well and help the employer obtain a better picture of who they are hiring and what experiences the applicant will bring to them.

To understand clearly how to list skills on a security officer resume, refer to the list of skills below:

List of Skills for Security Officer Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in securing premises through patrolling, aimed at ensuring community and premises safety.

• Track record of monitoring surveillance equipment and following up on nefarious or suspicious activities.

• Focused on preventing losses and damages by “keeping an eye open” at all times and recording and following up on abnormal occurrences.

• Proficient in coordinating information security compliance activities and implementing security policies and procedures.

• Documented success in performing information security risk analysis aimed at deriving data for security processes.

• Demonstrated good judgment and problem-solving skills to deal with security issues of variable natures within standardized situations.

• Adept at physically controlling violent or unruly individuals along with the ability to subdue individuals after running in pursuit.

• Skilled in coordinating and implementing disaster recovery programs and managing security incident responses.

• Familiar with conducting armed stationary, foot and vehicle patrols, targeted at deterring criminal activity, misconduct and breach of community rules.

• Knowledge of initiating and monitoring informal investigations of security infractions and violations.