Hospital Security Officer Resume Sample

Updated on: May 14, 2019

Overview and Guidelines

A hospital security officer’s resume has to show what he is capable of doing to protect people, and property within a hospital setting.

As a contender for this job, it is imperative that you provide the right information regarding your skills and experience in a hospital security position.



These would include knowledge of patrolling hospital buildings, controlling accesses, and ensuring the safety of visitors, premises, and property.

Your resume for hospital security officer position should technically be able to emphasize your knowledge of the work in its entirety.



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Hospital Security Officer Resume Sample


Kyle Sobers
12 Rice Road, Douglas, WY37022
(000) 999-9999
[email protected]


A dedicated and driven hospital security officer, with 8+ years of experience in ensuring the security and safety of people, premises, and property within a hospital setting. Highly skilled in patrolling buildings in order to ensure entrance and egress safety. Deeply familiar with investigating incidents of unusual circumstances, such as unauthorized entry, and vandalism.


Entrance Control

Security Assurance
Parking Assistance
Loss Prevention
Criminal Apprehending

Fire Fighting
Logs Maintenance
Parcels Investigation
Malfunctions Reporting


  • Recognized signs of a potential vandal, as a result, saved the hospital from possible property damage.
  • Implemented a unique entrance control system, hence, decreased unauthorized entry problems by 50%.
  • Devised an investigation program, thereby, decreased search time by 75%.
  • Trained 32 security officers, as part of their induction to the work.


Hospital Security Officer
Well Path, Douglas, WY | 2/2010 – Present

  • Check people as they enter hospital premises, and inform them of what they cannot carry inside.
  • Use equipment such as scanners in order to ensure that no unauthorized material is being carried.
  • Patrol buildings and grounds to ensure constant safety.
  • Protect people, property, and premises by employing core security systems.
  • Respond to security emergencies in a rapid manner.
  • Receive and check hospital deliveries in order to ensure that they are safe to be sent inside.
  • Confront unauthorized personnel for questioning purposes.
  • Sound signals and alarms during emergency situations.
  • Ensure that all security tasks and incidents are properly and timely logged.

Security Intern
St. Phillip’s Hospital, Douglas, WY | 3/2009 – 2/2010

  • Assisted in setting up security alarms and equipment.
  • Checked visitors in order to ensure that they weren’t carrying unauthorized items.
  • Directed visitors to their desired departments within the hospital.
  • Sounded alarms during emergencies.

High School Diploma
Douglas High School, Douglas, WY

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