Event Security Officer Resume Sample

Updated on: March 4, 2018


Applying for a position means that you first have to go through all the things that you are callable of doing, and then put them in an Event Security Officer resume, in an organized form.

The resume is an excellent avenue for you to communicate your skills, education information, and accomplishments.

Here is a format that you can use:




Event Security Officer Resume Example


Casey Junior
1064 Stringfellow Street| San Antonio, TX 65873
(000) 999-9999
casey.junior @ email . com


Highly alert event security officer with extensive experience in providing security services to events, people, and premises. Exceptionally talented in ensuring theft prevention, and minimizing chances of property damage.

• Demonstrated ability to performing facility rounds to ensure that security arrangement is properly handled.
• Proficient in observing and reporting activities and incidents, providing for security and safety of the assigned site.
• Competent in controlling and access to sites, ensuring that an appropriate admittance process has been implemented.
• Qualified to check for unsafe conditions, hazards, and security violations, and handling them according to protocol.


• Regulations Enforcement • Access Control • Emergency Response
• Threat Minimization • Logs Management • Premise Protection
• Alarm Systems Setting • Search Procedures • Criminal Apprehending
• Baggage Screening • Patrolling • Incident Investigation

• Saved assigned premises from a terrorist threat, by recognizing signs of trouble and thwarting attempts.
• Minimized external threats, by implementing core security functions of a novel nature.
• Implemented a series of search procedures which proved to be 75% more efficient than the ones already in place.
• Introduced an access control system, resulting in increased efficiency in handling incoming traffic.


Event Security Officer
General Security Services, San Antonio, TX | 5/2011 – Present
• Create, develop and implement security plans to ensure security and safety of assigned premises and people.
• Patrol designated areas to ensure that all security systems have been implemented properly.
• Detect signs of intrusion, and further investigate nefarious activities or signs.
• Protect people from overzealous spectators, admitting only people with proper passes or invites.
• Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of people, ensuring adequate entry and egress control.
• Prevent unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas, providing them with alternative entry information.
• Circulate among visitors to preserve order and protect people and property.
• Create and submit reports of activities and incidents, on a regular basis.

Security Intern
Securitas, San Antonio, TX | 2/2004 – 5/2011
• Controlled egress and access points, checking incoming traffic for violations.
• Ascertained that bags were properly inspected, using technology such as scanners.
• Patrolled assigned areas to determine signs of upheaval or irregularities.
• Prevented losses and damages by reporting irregulations, and informed violators of policies.
• Ascertained that all security and surveillance equipment was in good working order at all times.

St. Paul’s High School, San Antonio, TX – 2003
High School Diploma