Top 20 Security Officer Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: May 2, 2021

Security Office resume summaries are usually bullet statements or paragraphs that contain several sentences. These phrases are aimed at highlighting what the candidate is capable of in terms of professional work and how he can be a great contributor to the company that he is applying to.

Think of a resume summary as something your colleagues would say about you as a professional.

How to Write a Summary Statement on a Security Officer Resume?

The following points will help you decide what to put in your resume summary:

  1. How many years of security-related experience do you possess?
  2. What are your specific areas of expertise that make you stand out from the crowd?
  3. What have been the most significant accomplishments in your career?
  4. Did you earn special recognition or awards in your career?
  5. Can you improve company performance? If yes, how?

That is all that you have to consider when writing a resume summary. Just make sure that you do not go off the track.

A Security Officer resume summary should be customized as per needs of the company.

The following are some examples of resume summaries for an individual hoping to find a job as a security officer:

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Sample Summary Statements for Security Officer Resume

1. Reliable and competent security officer with 5+ years’ track record of providing exceptional security to people and properties. Demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and independence. Ability to exhibit the utmost tact, diplomacy, and confidentiality at all times.

2. Top-performing Security Officer with over 10 years of experience in patrolling, securing, and monitoring assigned premises to ward off threats of robberies, foul play, and vandalism. Competent in touring buildings to check for unsafe conditions, security violations, and fire hazards and efficiently reporting them in a prompt manner.

3. Energetic and passionate Security Officer with 11+ years’ verifiable track record of observing, reporting and investigating suspicious activities to appropriate authorities. Highly skilled in identifying and neutralizing potential threats and dealing effectively with security-related issues.

4. Responsible and dependant Security Officer with deep insight into ensuring the security of assigned premises through exercising good judgment and using discretion in dealing with emergency situations and security violations.

5. Highly efficient and diligent security officer with 5+ years of experience in threat monitoring as well as patrolling. Expert in ensuring loss prevention through the implementation of well-placed security measures. Ability to respond to emergencies without delay.

6. Top-performing Security Officer with 10+ years of successful track record in keeping assigned areas safe from intruders, violators, and troublemakers. Ability to secure access and monitor surveillance footage in order to ensure foolproof security.

7. Uniquely qualified security officer with 6 years of experience in responding to alarms as well as investigating disturbances such as theft and vandalism. Expert in apprehending and detaining perpetrators according to legal protocols. Able to work in hectic environments.

8. Security officer with 7+ years’ solid track record of investigating people for suspicious activities and illegal possessions. Proficient in patrolling premises from time to time in order to maintain law and order. Ability to ensure prompt response to emergency and non-emergency situations such as fire evacuation and threats of violence.

9. Competent and industrious individual, with a strong security background. Capability to independently secure premises and personnel, along with monitoring surveillance equipment. Track record of preventing loss and damage by timely reporting irregularities.

10. Vigilant Security Officer with 4+ years’ progressively responsible experience in protecting buildings and individuals by patrolling designated areas and investigating unusual occurrences. Track record of providing emergency assistance by apprehending disruptive persons and providing arbitrary services. Current First Aid/CPR certification.

11. Well organized security officer with 11+ years’ extensive experience in patrolling and crime prevention. Exceptionally well-versed in investigating unusual incidents and security concerns and ensuring that they are dealt with in a manner conducive to the safety of business and staff.

12. Extremely vigilant Security Officer with a 7-plus-year track record of providing superior patrolling services. Demonstrated expertise in monitoring premises, guarding cash and valuables and supervising entrances to ensure complete security of personnel and premises

13. Dependable and honest Security Officer with proven skills in deterring crime and preventing losses by investigating and reporting irregularities. Innovative problem-solver who can always find workable solutions to avert crime such as theft and vandalism.

14. Punctual and reliable professional with a proven record of providing corporate event security, responding to emergencies and disturbances, incident report writing, and crowd control. Demonstrating exceptional communication skills, and making critical decisions during challenges. Adaptable to change, with an ability to work independently.

15. A top-performing security officer with 5+ years of hands-on experience working in busy and fast-paced environments. Dependable team player who can patrol inside and outside to ensure the facility’s safety. Quickly responds to fire alarms and other site emergencies.

Entry Level Security Officer Resume Summary With No Experience

16. Methodical Security Officer with deep familiarity in employing tools, techniques, and technologies to minimize losses due to breaches of premises security. Exceptionally well-versed in controlling access to areas and materials by administering and enforcing pass programs, set by the management.

17. Passionate Security Officer with a track record of effectively watching out irregularities such as security breaches and safety hazards, and handle adverse situations with tact and poise. Able to work collaboratively to ensure the maximum safety of assigned premises.

18. Hardworking and driven professional with a current security guard certificate. Ability to patrol assigned areas to ensure personal, building, and equipment security. Physically dexterous to stand and work for extended periods. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

19. Recent high school graduate, with the ability to manage access control for the facility/area. Knowledge of handling high volumes of guests at various points throughout the premises. A polished professional who is able to maintain a customer-friendly image at all times.

20. Diligent security office with a demonstrated judgment, common sense and decision-making ability. Proficient in managing conflicts and incidents quietly and deescalating without impact on other guests.

Additional Guidelines to Help You Write a Great Summary Or Profile Statement on a Security Officer Resume

When you are applying for a security officer position, and thinking of writing a resume, the resume profile or summary statement should be paramount on your list.

Due to the fact that summaries mark the beginning of resumes, they are extremely important.

However, writing a summary is one part of the resume that many of us get stuck on. In fact, many of us leave it out completely. In this case, you will have to write one to show how good you are as a security officer.

Typically, a resume summary for a security officer position will require you to tell the recruiter that you can handle patrolling and monitoring activities. In addition to this, your skills in controlling visitor traffic and handling violators must be outlined.

Moreover, a security officer resume summary or profile should contain information regarding how the applicant can handle loss prevention.

Additionally, skills in checking surveillance cameras and identifying disruptions must be highlighted.

If this is the position for which you want to write a summary, you have to make sure that you emphasize what your core abilities are – and how you can be a great team member of the security team.