Security Officer Summary Samples for Resume

Updated on May 29, 2016

Security Office resume summaries are usually short bullet statements or paragraphs that contain several sentences. These phrases are aimed at highlighting what the candidate is capable of in terms of professional work and how he can be a great contributor to the company that he is applying to. Think of a resume summary as something your best colleagues would say about your professional achievements. Sell only the experiences and skills that meet your career objective. The following might help you decide what to put in your resume summary:

• How many years of security related experience do you possess?
• What are your specific areas of expertise that make you stand out from the crowd?
• What have been the most significant accomplishments in your career?
• Did you earn accolades, special recognition or awards in your career?
• What specific skill or ability do you have that will help you contribute to the company?
• Can you improve company performance? If yes, how?

While you were reading these, you must have been forced to answer these questions in your head. Surprised at how many apply to you directly? Great! That is all that you have to do when writing a resume summary – answer them in your head! Just make sure that you do not go off the track – a resume summary should be relevant to the position for which you are applying.

Following are some examples of resume summaries for an individual hoping to find a job as a security officer:

Sample Summaries for Security Officer Resume

• Reliable and competent security officer, known throughout the community for preventing losses and damage through exceptional ability to secure premises and people. Highly effective in monitoring surveillance equipment to recognize signs of foul play and addressing any nefarious activities according to protocol.

• Top-performing Security Officer with over 10 years of experience in patrolling, securing and monitoring assigned premises to ward off threats of robberies, foul play and vandalism. Competent in touring buildings to check for unsafe conditions, security violations and fire hazards and efficiently reporting them in a prompt manner.

• Energetic and committee Security Officer with 11+ years’ verifiable track record of observing, reporting and investigating suspicious activities to appropriate authorities. Highly skilled in identifying and neutralizing potential threats and dealing effectively with security related issues.

• Responsible and dependant Security Officer with deep insight into ensuring security of assigned premises through exercising good judgment and using discretion in dealing with emergency situations and security violations.

• Methodical Security Officer with deep familiarity in employing tools, techniques and technologies to minimize losses due to breaches of premises security. Exceptionally well-versed in controlling access of areas and materials by administering and enforcing pass programs, set by the management.