An associate pastor performs a number of duties including running the entire ministry by organizing events and producing bulletins. Associate Pastors may work as a part time helper or even hold charge of several ministries at the same time. If you would like to apply for an Associate Pastor’s job, here is a resume example […]

There are a few hundred websites or more that boast of providing you with free resume layouts that you can customize to your own liking and need. While these services essentially provide assistance with resume writing, they should by no means be trusted completely. If you are looking for just the right resume layout and […]

As a cut-throat competition prevails all through the world where good jobs are concerned, therefore, it needs something extra to get noticed. This is especially true where resume writing is concerned. Employers receive hundreds of resumes for one job application and for most part, they all look the same. So what can you do with a […]

A Social Studies Teacher is responsible for providing students with insight into a country’s culture and heritage and to motivate them in exercising their rights as individuals of a country. If you are looking for a job in the capacity of a social studies teacher, the following resume sample may come in use effectively. Feel free […]

If you are looking for a sample cover letter for social studies teacher, you have chosen the right destination. Since a teacher working in this capacity is responsible for developing appreciation of American ideals within a student’s mind, it is important that he or she portrays their skills in a positive manner when writing a cover […]

An admissions coordinator is a person who screens people wanting admission to an organization. If you are one, or want to be one, then you are the link between the organization and its clients, that is, the people who want admission. This person needs to be able to handle all sorts of inquiries and complaints. […]

A bilingual teacher’s job description is easy to define – a teacher that can speak or teach more than one language. A bilingual teacher’s job is to teach at least two languages along with ensuring that regular class discipline is maintained. Here is a sample cover letter for a bilingual teacher’s resume that you can […]

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