Estheticians perform tasks and procedures to improve their clients’ facial skin. This may include performing facials, laser therapies, waxing and make up as well. They are licensed skin care specialists who work in spas and cosmetic surgery facilities. Estheticians analyze their clients’ skin types to determine what type of procedure to perform in order to […]

Food service assistants work in many settings including hospitals, schools, restaurants and residents’ facilities. Their main job responsibilities include preparing and delivering food to customers or residents. They carry out many other duties as well such as planning meals, storing food, managing stocks and supplies and keeping records. They also clean and tidy up kitchens […]

EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) work on the emergency dispatcher line where they are expected to help people in distressful circumstances such as accidents. They are medically trained to manage emergencies of this nature and are expected to provide basic clinical and life support services so that the patient is ready for transportation to the hospital […]

The cliché “health is wealth” is not overrated; our health affects everything we do – from managing work to relationships – everything! Eating healthy and exercising on a continuous basis can do wonders for our physical and mental health. Many people seek the assistance of nutritionists to assist them in staying healthy. Nutritionists are often […]

The retail industry employs many people to help it run smoothly. The position of retail clerks is one such important position that requires an individual to be absolutely customer focused; people working as retail clerks are usually tier-one employees who greet customers and assist them throughout the purchase process. In some settings, retail clerks are […]

The dictionary defines “equine” as “related to horses”. Equine veterinary nurses work in facilities that cater to the health needs of horses. They are required to assist the veterinary doctor in looking after horses that come in for checkups and vaccinations or even the ones admitted for treatment purposes. Equine veterinary nurses are expected to […]

Working in both academic and hospital settings, nurse educators are primarily responsible for designing and implementing training programs for student nurses. They develop curriculum which focuses on educating and training newly hired nurses in terms of delivering excellent patient care. Nurse educators are required to possess a master’s degree at the very least. Both their teaching […]

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