A gas station attendant’s primary job function is to assist customers with fueling gas into their vehicles. He or she may also be required to perform other duties such as collecting payments, maintaining sanitation and recording purchases. A Cover Letter for Gas Station Attendant position is your primary document during hiring process. Try to make it interesting […]

Call center representatives can be divided into two categories: inbound and out bound. Inbound CSRs take calls from customers and assist them with information and problems. Outbound CSRs are required to make sales calls to different individuals and solicit business. A letter of interest for a Call Center Representative can be forwarded to prospective employer […]

Accounting Managers are required to manage tasks in relation to accounts receivable / payable, billing and cash management. Needless to say, they need to possess excellent organizational skills and managing acumen. The following cover letter sample shows in detail what hiring managers requires in terms of qualifications and skills. Accounting Manager Cover Letter Sample 4252 […]

Cover letters, especially if they are being written to apply for a law enforcement position need to be targeted to the exact job description. Since law enforcement personnel are the nation’s protectors, they need to come across as “poised” and “respectful” to the interviewer – hence, the stress on how they portray themselves in cover […]

Generally, a cover letter for an event manager position should go together with each job application. The cover letter allows you to express your ability to communicate and offers the primary statement of why you should be hired. The increasing popularity of e-mail and online resumes has increased the significance of cover letter for Event Manager Resume. […]

Police sergeants perform a variety of duties and safety work in order to ensure the security of the vicinity that they are responsible for. They usually work under the Chief of Police and are responsible for hiring and training police officials to perform their duties in accordance to the set procedures of law. Police sergeants […]

Working as a police sergeant is not an easy job. Contrary to popular beliefs that police sergeants apprehends and jails delinquents, there is so much more to this position. Police work can be risky, and achieving a position Sergeant takes training, devotion and indeed a well written resume and cover letter. On the other hand, […]

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