In today’s competitive job market, it is of utmost importance that candidates come up with stand out cover letters to accompany their resumes. Following steps will help you come up with a stand out entry level janitor cover letter. • First of all, understand the purpose of your cover letter. It exists to get your […]

Your resume is a reflection of you! It is essential to format a resume by giving it proper time. Go through it again and again to make it fool proof. An excellent, precise and relevant resume can help you get your dream terminal operator job. Every day companies, employers and organizations receive hundreds of job […]

What three traits qualify you for this job? Convincing power, persistence and interpersonal skills. These traits perfectly qualify me for this job. What do you know about sterling silver? Sterling silver is a brand that deals in silver and combination jewelry. Being a designer brand, each piece comes in limited amount and you also design […]

Tim Hortons is one of the biggest coffee and donut chains in Canada. It is also popular for the muffins, biscuits, cookies, rolls, Danishes and bagels that it serves. Owing to the popularity that it has gained over the last six decades, Tim Hortons has left Mc Donald’s far behind as far as being Canada’s […]

Are you thinking to write a reference letter for your favorite waiter? It might be a sad time for you since you will be losing an important staff member but once you think beyond your loss (and your staff member’s gain), you will be able to come up with an excellently written reference letter. A […]

Generally an entry level position, a commis waiter eventually performs all the duties that a regular waiter would. Commis waiters work under the guidance of head or captain waiters; they are taught the trade and are required to understand the essence and importance of hospitality. If working in the hospitality industry is what you want […]

Pool cleaning is a technical job and employers are often seeking certified pool cleaners to ensure proper maintenance of their owned swimming pools and spas. We have outlined some tips below that will aid you in the process of resume writing for a pool cleaner position: • Length should be of one page with an […]