Customer services in the hospitality industry hold more meaning than anywhere else due to the fact that the need for it is at its zenith here. Happy guests mean recurring business and great word of mouth marketing which is why it is important for all personnel in a hotel to be totally customer oriented. Customer […]

Hotel sales managers are required to bring in clients and accounts to increase the hotel’s customer base. They research new accounts in order to bring in new business and also work towards bringing in conferences and other corporate accounts to be held at the hotel. This is a sales oriented job and requires strong knowledge […]

Building a strong customer base is the core need of any business especially that of a hotel where customers are everything. Hotel sales managers work towards this goal specifically – to build customer loyalty at all times. Hotel sales managers are trained to bring in corporate and individual customers for several events or just as […]

Store assistants work in retail environments where their main responsibility is to manage store operations. This may include greeting customers, asking them what they are looking for, assisting them in decision making and managing inventory to ensure smooth running. Store assistants assist store managers with a lot of duties as well which may include employee […]

Store assistants work in a retail environment where they are expected to provide customer assistance and manage the operations of a retail outlet. They are the first point of contact in a store and are expected to greet customers and provide them with information on new deals and products and also assist them with finding […]

Software engineers are an important part of the technology arena. They design, develop and implement software. They analyze system and needs and work towards developing software solutions for it. Once a solution has been identified, software engineers work towards designing software to manage the solution. Software engineers are required to possess a degree in computer […]

Returning to work after a pause can be quite daunting as the break between jobs can make you less confident of your abilities. However, a solid resume can help you overcome this hesitation and give you confidence to start work again. If you have been a housewife for too long and need an outlet by […]

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