We are living in an era of self promotion. Job hunting is now different than what it used to be a decade ago. It may confuse candidates when they apply for a Graphic Designer position or plan a job switch. Recruitment process is now mostly online – and due to aggressive competition, each resume for […]

A reference letter is an important document when you are applying for a degree program. It does not matter if you are applying directly from an undergraduate program or have worked for some time and would now like to pursue your education again reference letters are an absolute necessary. Let us have a look at […]

Nannies are responsible for looking after newborns, toddlers and young children especially when the parents or guardians are busy or out for work. They provide both personal and educational services for children depending on their individual place of work. When a nanny is hired, she is screened quite carefully since there are children involved and […]

Business letters are an integral part of formal communication between two professionals. Business letters can be written in different capacities and types vary depending on the situation. Some widely used business letters may include resume cover letters, thank you letters, resignation letters, reference or recommendation letters, hiring letters, information letters – the list goes on! […]

Students applying for an educational program in a school need to ensure that they possess the qualities that a school looks for in a candidate. But how would you expect the school to know that you have talent? You will get a recommendation letter from an authority at your place of work or a school […]

Students applying for a position in a graduate school will need a reference letter from a teacher or a principal in order to complete the admission process. Institutes want to acquire students who possess potential and are generally good in both manner and academically and a reference letter is a perfect way to ensure that. […]

Students wanting to apply to a nursing school will need to submit a recommendation letter with their admission application set. This letter should be issued from the school or college office written preferably by a teacher or a principal. Let us see what a recommendation letter for nursing school will comprise.   Nursing School Recommendation […]

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