Establishing and maintaining working relationships with volunteers, donors and partners to bring about social change and improve the quality of life in a particular area is the responsibility of community development officers. These people work across many municipalities in a region; some may even be employed by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to support a particular cause. […]

Cocktail servers are usually hired by bars and restaurants where their main duty is to serve beverages to customers. They need to be familiar with alcoholic beverages as they are sometimes required to answer customers’ questions about what they are being served. Serving beverages is not all that cocktail servers do. As part of their work, […]

There is no formula that you need to follow when answering questions during an interview for Cocktail Server position. For different types of interviews, there are different protocols. What matters the most is preparation for an interview. If you are prepared for at least some of the questions that you may be asked during a […]

Many paraprofessionals find it challenging to build an impressive resume. The task is not difficult if you write your resume systematically. Here are three tips that might come in handy. Relevance matters: Mentioning irrelevant skills and qualifications is the worst thing you can do to your resume. Take credit for your accomplishments: Never undermine the […]

So your resume and other job application credentials have finally led you to an interview for sales associate position. What is the next step from here? Since it took a lot of hard work to get an interview, you must make sure that you pass this step. But interviews are no joke; they need to […]

It is amazing how much confidence an interview can instill in us. Even if we do not eventually land the job we were interviewed for, we end up learning much that will prove to be of great value at a future interview. But of course, one does not appear for interviews thinking along these lines. […]

Interviews for Special Education Teaching positions are designed to determine candidates’ professional spirit and can be tough to answer. But a candidate can be successful at an interview if s/he pays attention to the questions asked and has prepared somewhat. But every interview is different; for positions that require much in terms of skills and […]

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