Overview: Accounts Receivable Managers oversee the work of accounts receivable clerks who in turn are expected to follow up with clients and agencies to ensure that all outstanding amounts are paid up. This is a job that is supervisory in nature and require an individual to be a pro-active leader. Here is a cover letter example […]

Lab Assistants are responsible for assisting in performing lab tests. They take samples of blood, body fluids, cells and hair for further processing. They work in hospital labs or even forensic labs depending on the setting that they are employed in. Irrelevant of which setting they work in, they need to be able to assist […]

Clinical Research Project Managers provide a supervisory role to specific projects taking place within a health facility. They are required to oversee tests performed in conjunction with health supplements or medication to ensure that all goes smoothly. This resume sample will give you some idea of what you will be required to do.     […]

Companies usually have a lot of data that they acquire on a daily basis and need a proper system to manage it. This is where data clerks come in! They work towards filing and managing data in databases so that it is easily accessible when needed. Data clerks may also need to perform data entry […]

Dental Assistants work alongside professional dentists to provide them with chair-side as well as administrative support. Their job is to undertake all work within a dentist facility that will leave the dentist to work flawlessly and with absolute concentration. People hoping to obtain an entry level dental assistant position will need to ensure that their […]

Working in retail is a rewarding job in many ways. It provides an individual with opportunities to work with new people everyday and earn money while having fun. There are a number of positions one can work on within the retail umbrella. In order to get a job in retail industry, you need a targeted […]

Any job that provides a first point of contact with customers is important. Working as a Salon Receptionist is one of such jobs. Since these professionals provide tier one services to customers arriving into a salon, they need to possess a certain type of personality that will make them perfect for the job. Salon receptionists […]

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