Position Overview Content writers are responsible for writing a variety of unique material for websites, blogs, social media, online and newspaper / magazine articles. They also assist marketing teams in development of engaging content that can be used in marketing or advertising campaigns. Not everyone can write good content. Having said this, content writers are […]

Position Overview Catering servers prepare and serve food items at catered events. They are responsible for setting up and servicing of food items before, during and after an event while providing exceptional customer services all time. Catering servers are not only required to set up and serve food at events. They are also responsible for preparing food […]

Flaunting many years of experience in a cover letter is a privilege reserved for professionals, but it does not mean that beginners cannot build an impressive cover letter. Basically employers are seek candidates who can fulfill their job expectations. All you need to do is to prove and establish that you possess the potential which […]

Adding an objective statement in your entry level health care resume is purely an optional matter. While professionals opt for a performance summary instead, entry level candidates prefer an objective statement. Objectives communicate the candidate’s potential and main strengths to the employer very briefly. Consider it a trailer of your candidacy and craft it accordingly. […]

Owing to the fact that early childhood education is a critical first step for any child, ECE (early childhood education) teachers are required to be trained properly in imparting this knowledge. Training and certification are not all that this position requires from an individual – professional and personal qualifications are also important Handling children in their […]

Interviews can be an overwhelming experience for most of us as so much is tested during the process. Prospective employers gauge if a candidate is good with making eye contact and exudes confidence which is pretty much half the battle won! Questions asked in a laboratory assistant interview and expected answers can put quite a strain on […]

Inquiry cover letters are actually more challenging to write than simple cover letters. After all, if you have a job posting in front of you, you can easily match your own skills to the employer’s requirements and write a cover letter accordingly. However, writing an inquiry cover letter is somewhat different. These letters are written […]

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