Administrative officers provide clerical and operational support to a school office. They may be required to manage the filing system, perform basic bookkeeping and keep track of inventory supplies while managing other aspects of a school office. If you are looking for a job in this capacity, you will need to write an impressive resume […]

Dietary aides typically work in a healthcare setting where the need for nutritional balance is of the utmost importance. They work with diet managers and dieticians in order to plan and organize menus that are prudent to each resident or patient’s individual requirements. A dietary aide works by seeing what an individual patient’s requirement is […]

A thank you letter is an important document in the sense that it provides you with an additional chance to connect with a prospective employer and show him your enthusiasm. If you have just appeared in an interview for a medical billing specialist, you may want to reconnect with the employer, reinstate your interest and thank […]

The need for retail clerks around Christmas time becomes more rampant. Since more and more customers are hitting the stores for last minute presents and supplies, more staff is needed to look after them. This is where retails clerks come in! They assist customers with purchases by helping them choose and decide what to buy […]

Market research managers work in a number of settings by keeping up with current market trends and ensuring that the company that they represent is working in accordance to them. Market research is extremely important which is why market research managers are important too. The following sample will provide you with a generic idea of what a […]

Position Overview: LPNs or Licensed Practical Nurses provide basic healthcare to patients within a healthcare facility. They work under the supervision of registered nurses and required to provide direct patient care. A reference letter for this position will require an employer to bring out an LPN’s best skills, attitude and work responsibilities. Here is how […]

Goldman Sachs is one of the leaders in providing institutional financial services. Founded in 1869, the organization now hosts hundreds of employees and many offices in the United States. People work in all capacities in this company and since this is a financial facility, every worker needs to possess some information of how things work. […]

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