A resume for a Broadband Technician should draw attention of the reader towards your skills in providing service installation, disconnection and service changes for both residential and corporate customers. Also include your experience in after sales services such as troubleshooting and repairing procedures. Don’t forget to include relevant keywords in your resume. The following example […]

Overview: A broadband technician’s job is to hook up broadband connections and provide after sales services. People working at this position are also responsible for providing on site troubleshooting services at the time of installation and on calls at a later time. If you are going to apply for a Broadband Technician position, think about […]

Catering Coordinators work in restaurants, hotels, universities, clubs, resorts, private settings and freelance too. Their main job is to manage food service operations at weddings, parties and other events. It is important for a catering coordinator to possess some knowledge of food and beverage in order to be able to coordinate these services well. The […]

Catering Coordinators are supposed to report directly to Catering Directors. Their main responsibilities are to ensure that food and beverage services are provided efficiently at all types of events and to look after customer concerns. An attractive cover letter for Catering Coordinator Resume is a key of your success in this industry. Look at the […]

A front desk clerk’s job is to provide the first tier services to customers coming in to an office. This position requires a candidate to ensure that all check ins and check out along with message handling and payments are in order. In addition to these kinds of abilities, a resume for front desk clerk […]

Writing a resume for entry level position of a dental receptionist is somewhat tricky because you have no practical experience and it is hard to convince the reader in this situation. Still you can make an effective resume by highlighting your transferable skills and relevant capabilities. A dental receptionist’s job is to provide front desk […]

Consider your mortgage loan office resume as a marketing tool or an advertisement. Now what does an effective advertisement do? Does it only tell you the specifications of a product? No! It’s more than that. Just like a good advertisement tells you the benefits you will get by buying the product, an effective resume tells […]

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