The Industrial Mechanic cover letter is your ideal transmittal letter attached to your resume. You should develop the recruiter’s interest keeping in mind that your cover letter should market your skills persuading them to call you for an interview. Before sending, proofread for any grammatical, spelling or sentence structure errors. Address your employer personally and […]

Retail cashiers work in a variety of settings: where there are things to be sold, there are retail cashiers. Retails cashiers are responsible for maintaining a first contact with customers. They assist customers with purchases and ring their bills. A resume for a retail cashier will include a candidate’s skills to be able to handle […]

Retail cashiers have a lot on their plates; they manage the store they are working in, act as customer service representatives and of course manage the cash and balances. If you are looking for a job as a retail cashier, you will need to possess some skills that will you do the job properly. This […]

A Training Officer generally assists the senior training staff in an organization for development, presentation, implementation and maintenance of effective and high quality training courses and materials for building staff knowledge and increasing their capability to perform better, supporting company’s strategic objectives. They are required to work directly with stakeholders, hence should possess well developed […]

Warehouse specialists are responsible for management of shipping and receiving activities within a warehouse setting. They are required to assess incoming goods for accuracy and manage supplies. Never use a generic resume template to apply for a Warehouse Specialist job. Maintain one master resume but edit it slightly each time you apply for any position […]

The primary duty of a warehouse specialist is to ensure that all warehouse procedures and operations are working in absolute harmony. This is a job of extreme responsibility and while not much is required in term of education to qualify for this job, certain skills are needed. Let us see which skills and qualifications should […]

Registered dieticians usually work in a healthcare setting. Their job is to provide nutritional information to patients based on individual’s health issues. Resume writing for Registered Dietitian position is an art. Since resume provides you with a golden chance of getting an interview call, make sure you invest ample effort in making one. The following […]

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