Housekeepers are hired in the hospitality industry where they are expected to manage cleaning and maintenance duties at the employer’s premises. Most housekeepers are responsible for cleaning floors, making beds, replenishing supplies, dusting furniture, cleaning windows and doors, moving and arranging furniture and even managing inventory. While there isn’t a specified educational level required for […]

Taxi drivers usually work with cab services companies although they may be self employed as well. The job of a taxi driver is to transport passengers from one place to another. They are expected to assist passengers with their luggage and to ensure a safe journey for them by keeping in mind appropriate driving techniques […]

Secretaries hold a key role in any organization – no matter in which industry they work. The need to provide support to executives in clerical and administrative work. You will not find a single department able to work without the services of a secretary. Usually, secretaries are the first point of contact in any organization. […]

Youth coordinators may be found in a number of settings such as schools, community recreation centers and private companies which may be dedicated to the welfare and enrichment of children. These individuals develop and implement programs and activities for young adults in order to achieve confidence development and awareness for them in a multitude of […]

The position of a lunch aide may seem like a simple one – but that is far from the truth. A lunch aide usually works in elementary and preschools where her job is to assist young students with lunchtime activities. This may include assisting them with opening their lunch boxes or packaged foods and helping […]

The main job of a Unit Secretary is to handle the clerical and administrative aspects of a healthcare organization which may include greeting patients, scheduling appointments, managing bookkeeping and filing records. They are responsible for taking phone calls and providing information on the hospital’s procedures, policies and scheduling. In some organizations, they are expected to work […]

Legal secretaries work in legal offices where their main job is to provide support to the office in terms of administrative tasks. While the role of this professional is not much different from that of a regular secretary, they are expected to possess advanced legal knowledge as they have to work in an environment that […]

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