The pattern, format and trend for writing an effective resume has been changed significantly in 2012. Resumes in 2012 need to be planned and not just written. It is amazing how a well written and structured resume can become an asset to the candidate and how a badly written one can ruin a career. Resume […]

Working in a housekeeping position requires hard work, physical capability and stamina. In addition, a housekeeping employee needs to interact with customers on a one on one basis which is extremely challenging. If you are in a position to hire someone to provide housekeeping services, or seeking a housekeeping position, the following interview questions (and […]

If you are an entry level candidate who has no experience and just starting his career path, or if you are changing your career atĀ mid-level, be cautious about professions which are expected to stay secure as well as highly paid in 2013. Economic disorders and global slump in jobs have changed the setting in several […]

Obtaining employment at Sephora is not an easy task. To gain an interview, you need to write an excellent resume along with a supporting cover letter specifically written for Sephora. In order to become successful in this job, you must possess good knowledge of cosmetics and perfumes and other products offered by Sephora. If you […]

Any interview warrants an employer asking questions starting from a background check. An employer needs to know what the candidate was up to before he applied for this job and why he would want a particular job. Here are some examples of interview questions an employer might ask when hiring a room attendant and answers […]

When you write a Secretary cover letterĀ – with no experience in hand – make sure to draw attention of prospective employer towards your transferable skills gained through any part-time, volunteer, internship or summer jobs. Do not make any typos or grammatical mistakes; you must proofread your work and ask a friend to do it as […]

A successful cover letter for USPS job has three qualities that make it that way: concise, genuine and straightforward. If you can instill these three things in your letter – an interview is a certainty. Writing complex and convoluted sentences can sound insincere and there is no guarantee that an employer will take kindly to […]

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