Call center agents work at inbound and outbound call centers where their major responsibility is to answer for the queries and concerns of clients. Call center agents need top be extremely well versed in their work as the company’s reputation depends largely on their ability to provide a positive impression. Call Center professionals must take […]

Call center agents may work in dedicated support centers or be part of a company’s customer services departments. Their job requires them to manage both inbound and outbound calls to ensure proper customer services and sales at times. The following resume sample will provide us with an idea of how a call center agent will […]

Building cleaners are required to manage cleaning duties of the building that they are working in. This may include cleaning offices, apartments, hallways, bathrooms and other service areas.   The following resume sample will provide us with an insight into how a building cleaner will write a resume when applying for this job. Sample Resume […]

Apprentice plumbers work in a number of settings where their main responsibility is to assist plumbers with their jobs. This work requires that a candidate possesses some knowledge of the tools that are used in the trade along with a keen interest in the activities of plumbing. As this is an entry level job so […]

Apprentice plumbers assist senior plumbers with assembling, installing and repairing of plumbing systems in residential and commercial projects. They may be expected to dig trenches and lay pipes in order to perform their job duties. Look at an example of a cover letter for this position that will tell us how a person applying for […]

A software developer is a person who is responsible to make specialized computer software for a client, or for himself / herself. This is what we mean by specialized: a company may be having problems keeping track of its employees, and ask for a special computer program to keep everything together. The client will then […]

A welder is a person who welds materials together, by operating a welding machine. These materials can be metals like stainless steel, brass, or aluminum; or plastics or polymers. If you want a job as a welder it would be good to have some knowledge of the materials you usually work with, as well as […]

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