The more sensitive your work surroundings are, the more targeted an interview will be! So if you are due to appear for a radiology technician’s interview, brace yourself for the questions that may be thrown at you to gauge how well you conduct yourself in a hospital or diagnostics laboratory environment. Most questions that you […]

A resignation is the last impression an employee leaves on his employer so it has to be a good one. Since employees do not always resign for a pleasant reason, leaving a good impression may not be the easiest thing to do. However, we must strive to do this if we want to obtain a […]

Position Overview Data entry clerks are an important part of an administrative team and work across many industries. Wherever there is a huge amount of data involved, a data entry clerk is hired to punch it into system. Typically, data entry clerks enter data into a company’s predefined database systems. This data could be anything […]

CAD design engineers develop layouts of buildings and other construction projects by using computer aided software applications such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks. They design prototypes upon which actual projects are built and also plan the actual frameworks that a project needs. Once a CAD design engineer has conferred with a client and understood his requirements, […]

A solid and well-formatted resume for Warehouse Supervisor position can greatly improve your chances of getting a job. Instead of listing qualities related to your personality, mention qualities in you that can be beneficial to the prospective employer. Pay attention to typography and mention the relevant and important information like your name, address, email and […]

Writing a resume can be a very baffling task yet it is critically important to seek a professional career successfully. The recipe of success in any job hunt is to keep your resume simple and straight forward. Read advertisements carefully and then apply. Design your oncology nursing resume according to the needs of the employer […]

As a school nurse, you will be responsible for the wellbeing of students so you will be scrutinized quite deeply when appearing for an interview. Not only will you be judged on your nursing knowledge but you will also be tested on how you handle yourself in an environment that has children at its core. […]