Job Description

A Graduate nurse is accountable for establishing patient care plans, performing patient assessments, informing patients and their families, implementing and assessing nursing treatment, and managing medications. Graduate nurses are a very important part of the any health care team and play a vital role in being a supporter for patients.

Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Writing Tips

The cover letter is possibly the most difficult element for a new graduate nurse to compose when you are preparing your job application package. In your letter, you must highlight the key parts on your resume that are pertinent to the job offered, demonstrate your vital skills, and show your enthusiasm to prospective employer.

Graduate Nurse Resumes often follow a typical form, but the job application cover letter is different. It is very important to target your letter to the health care setting and to relate your sole interests and skills to the job opportunity.

In a cover letter for Graduate Nurse Resume, mention your skills in bulleted form in the second paragraph. In the following example you just change the bullet skills / attributes in the second paragraph and tailor them as per job description given by employer.


Sample Cover Letter for Graduate Nurse Resume


Alvina Anderson
51 Example Street
Syracuse, NY 65287
(210) 000-6666
alvina.a @ email . com

September 23, 2013

Ms. Jane Anderson
Senior Manager Human Resources
St. Joseph’s Hospital
254 South Street
Syracuse, NY 02122


Dear Ms. Anderson:

I am writing in response to your job advertisement for the position of Graduate Nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital. With my brilliant educational background, exceptional patient care skills, and hands-on nursing internship experience, I am confident I can make a tremendous contribution to your facility.

Throughout my career, as a student and intern, I have gained strong knowledge and skills in:

• Assessing the patient’s state of health
• Developing nursing diagnosis
• Implementing nursing actions and evaluating patient response
• Formulating holistic plan of nursing care
• Coordinating services of all health care team members

Furthermore, I have demonstrated ability to provide excellent customer service to both internal and external customers. I am also knowledgeable with nature and quality of all nursing care that a patient receives and highly skilled in providing patient and family with health education and emotional support. My enclosed resume gives more details about my qualifications and nursing skills.

As a fresh and enthusiastic nurse, I am eager to discuss your graduate nurse position and to learn more about the St. Joseph’s Hospital. I will call you in the next few days to follow-up and see if it is suitable to arrange an interview. In the interim, I can be reached at (210) 000-6666 or via email at alvina.a @ email . com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Alvina Anderson

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