Before writing a grocery store cashier resume, keep in mind that grocery store cashiers are accountable for providing an affectionate and pleasing depart experience for shoppers. So these kinds of skills and capabilities in your resume.

Grocery Store Cashier Resume needs to display key qualifications and experience in this line of work. Your key qualifications might comprise excellent familiarity of cash handling procedures, arithmetical talent to compute discounts and the like. It is also necessary to add prominent achievements in your resume.

Following is a sample resume you can consider while writing your resume for this position. Also include this Grocery Cashier Cover Letter in your job application package.


Grocery Store Cashier Resume Sample


John M. Anderson

56 Example Street, Houston TX 32666
(999) 999-9999, john @ email .com

PROFILE: Dedicated, practical, and passionate professional seeking a position of Cashier with Houston City Grocery store utilizing the following qualifications and strengths:

• Over 2 years of experience as a Cashier in retail sector
• Thorough understanding of cash handling procedures
• Pleasant appearance together with a professional behavior
• Sound information of retail practices
• Skilled in using barcode readers, scanners and computers to enter cash and billing information

• Good attention to detail
• Excellent skills in math and arithmetic
• Outstanding ability to communicate information effectively
• Actively in search of ways to assist people
• Profound ability to use logic and reasoning to make out the strengths and weaknesses of substitute solutions
• Excellent capability to use computers for data entering purpose
• Professional in dealing with loads of cash and petty change
• Ability to stand for extended durations

2009 – Present
Star Grocery Store, Houston TX
Grocery Store Cashier
• Receive payment from customers by cash and credit cards
• Issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change outstanding to customers
• Establish and categorize prices of goods by means of calculators, cash registers, or optical price scanners
• Calculate total payments received all through a time period, and reconcile this with sum of sales
• Resolve customer complaints if required
• Calculate money in cash drawers at the beginning and the ending of shifts to make sure that amounts is accurate and that there is sufficient change
• Welcome customers entering in grocery store
• Maintain spotless and arranged checkout areas of grocery store
• Weigh items sold to verify prices

High School Diploma – 2002

Bilingual; English and French

Available on Request