Sometimes even the best proofreaders are stumped when sit down to write a resume. It is considered an overwhelming and sometimes quite an off-putting job put needs to be done nonetheless.

Resumes are our lifeline as far as obtaining a new job is concerned. A good resume can help us obtain the job we have always wanted; a not so good one can force us into a quandary.

Resumes for proofreader position need to follow certain rules. They should be precise yet detailed which is a difficult task to do – but not impossible. If you know what elements a resume should have, you will have no problems in writing one.

Take a look at the following resume sample for a proofreader’s position to determine how to write one of your own.

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Proofreader Resume Sample


Elizabeth Cale

839 Macarthur Road ● Las Cruces, NM 88012 ● (000) 999-2514 ●  Email


Native-level fluency in English language.

SUMMARY: Sharp and detail-oriented professional with an exceptional command of written English and outstanding eye for detail. Successful track record of proofreading websites content and translations for error-elimination and accuracy. Absolute determination to capitalize on quality of work by detecting compositional, grammatical and typographical errors. Advanced expertise in cross-referencing materials for content accuracy.


• Spelling • Grammar • Punctuation
• Word usage • Content flow • Text arrangement
• Accuracy • Message tone • Style and consistency


• Collaborated with Wimax Publishers to perform freelance editing and proofreading projects on a regular basis.
• Introduced a work checking system that looks for redundant words and phrase and highlights them for the reader thereby reducing proofreading time by 50%.
• Supervised a team of 30 editors to meet deadlines with 100% daily success.
• Spearheaded 3 training programs within 1 year to induct newly hired writers thereby substantially decreasing time needed to complete copy projects.


THE CREATIVE GROUP, Las Cruces, NM | 2012 – Present

• Read prescribed documents to look for errors and correct them in accordance to provided instructions
• Position text, diagrams and pictures correctly within documents
• Ensure that each page has a number assigned to it and the assigned numbers are correct
• Make sure that each document follows a prescribed house style
• Check TOCs to ensure that the titles are correct and page numbers coincide with them
• Make sure that tables of contents and chapter titles are in harmony with each other
• Ensure that no confusing names, titles, words or phrases are written
• Research for information regarding confused or unclear content and suggest changes

MEDIA SALES PLUS, Las Cruces, NM | 2009 – 2012
Content Writer and Editor

• Corrected documents with grammatical and spelling errors
• Ensured that documents were legible and did not contain any unverified information
• Made sure that content portrayed intended message
• Reported any inconsistencies in text or misinformation to superiors
• Ensured that each illustration and diagram had the correct heading
• Suggested logical layouts to made them readable and attractive
• Conferred with writers to resolve queries and confusions

CITY UNIVERSITY, Las Cruces, NM | 2008
MA English

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat