Title Examiner Resume Sample

Updated on: November 5, 2015

To most people, writing their resume is the bane of their existence. They sit at their computers, and think and think, and nothing much comes out of their minds. So then a lot of them decide not to write it after all. They think they’ll just go and demand an interview and that’ll be that.

They’re wrong. Who will give them an interview without looking at a resume? It’ll be hard, to say the least.

Let’s help you in writing that all-important resume for title examiner position that should get you an interview at which you can go on to wowing the hiring manager. Take a look at this sample:


Title Examiner Resume Sample


Sandra Olson

334 75th Street ● Brooklyn ● NY 11201 ● (999) 999-9999 ● sanol @ email . com


Professional Summary: Well-qualified title examiner with 8+ years’ hands-on experience in verifying and examining title deeds to establish chain of title and objections. Demonstrated ability to review abstracts of titles, tax and survey information aimed at verifying title deed status. Track record of examining documents to extract objections and exceptions. An energetic professional who is qualified to review all data given by field operatives, and to incorporate data into work order. Proficient in examining mortgages, liens, judgements and plat books.


● Title Deeds ● Survey Information ● Case Laws
● Verification ● Review ● Records Analysis
● Vesting ● Objections and Exceptions ● Report Preparation
● Document Summarization ● Records Evaluation ● Research

FORD, HART AND FORD, Brooklyn, NY (5/2009 to Present)
Title Examiner
• Review documents such as title, tax and survey information for accuracy and completeness
• Verify that all given documents have been reviewed to set forth objections and exceptions to title
• Confirm vesting and encumbrances to titles
• Assist and advise office manager in preparing reports relating to titles and foreclosure, as well as foreclosure certificates
• For searches that need to be done in the field, brief field operatives and analyze their data once they return
• Write and present weekly and monthly reports on data analyzed
• Inspect county records for residential and commercial properties, aimed at verifying ownership of all given real estate
• Resolve issues such as contradictory or missing information in title documents
• Liaise with underwriting teams and decide issues relating to UW according to guidelines
• Take charge of terrorist watch list and conduct name searches
• Ensure all research is done according to strict guidelines and standards

• Successfully discovered that a certain property belonged to a known criminal through keeping a vigil on a watch list, which later led to his being apprehended
• Implemented a new software to resolve issues such as missing or contradictory information in title documents which led to an efficiency improvement of 65%
• Provided in-house support to field operatives which decreased investigation time by 82%
• Implemented a system that dynamically verified the accuracy and completeness of land-related documents, thereby reducing verification time by 55%

HARDACRE AND CASTLE, Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (1/2007 to 5/2009)
Assistant Title Examiner
• Helped review legal documents pertaining to real estate for accuracy and completeness
• Assisted in verifying vesting and encumbrances to title
• Liaised with underwriting teams for title examiner to decide UW issues
• Wrote weekly and monthly reports
• Conducted name searches on terrorist watch list

Bachelor’s Degree in Law